Her Majesty's Pleasure.Mature

The following day they sat in the office to review what they had discovered. Tony spoke.

"Something's still bothering me about last night"

"Are we still going to Paris, I've got a few outfits ready". Tony ignored the comment.

"Where did the guns go?"

"They're probably out of the country by now".

The comment sparked a memory for Tony.

"That's it! You're a genius Cassidy".

"I am?"

He turned and walked to her. He grabbed her and kissed her on the cheek. 

"Yes you are".

She pushed him away.

"Well what is it that I've figured out that I don't know myself yet"

"Last night I saw a picture in the office, a ship. I didn't think that much of it. But maybe, just maybe. It was called 'The Loretta' can we get Donovan to look it up"

"No problem, do you think that's where the guns went"

"Well if we keep everything crossed, fingers, toes, LEGS". Under his breath he muttered.

"That shouldn't be too hard for you".

"Hey! I heard that!". She scowled at him. 

"I'll get Donovan on it now. We need to find a link to Saunders" she rummaged for the file they had stolen the night before "I'll check that name in the records"

Cassidy changed the subject.

"I spoke to my sister Julie, she's coming to Washington to stay with me for a while till this business with Saunders is sorted"

"Good, she'll be safer with us". 

She found it comforting that he was willing to help look after her. Tony's phone rang.

"Great I'll be right over".

He hung up and grabbed his coat.

"Going somewhere?". Tony ignored the question. She stood up.

"Am I coming?"


Tony left the office. Cassidy's eyes closed slightly. She still wasn't sure who he was meeting covertly and until she did she couldn't trust him completely. 

When he arrived back at the office, he was carrying a small package. Cassidy had the file on The Loretta. As he came in she spoke almost immediately.

"It's here, in DC"

"We need to get on that ship and soon"

"Already in motion, Wright is briefing a team now"

They joined the group and got ready to leave. Tony and Cassidy took the Bentley. They arrived ahead of the crowd and decided to scope out the ship. The ship seemed deserted. They got to the entrance to the stairs that led down in to the bowels of the ship. Cassidy drew her Glock 22 and raised it up in readiness. Tony pulled out his Walther PPK. Cassidy looked at his gun and smiled.

"What's that?" Cassidy was still smiling.

"Well they say size doesn't matter and everything's bigger in America"

"Did you borrow it from a girl?"

Tony was starting to feel inadequate. He pulled out his silencer and screwed it in to the barrel of his gun. Which made it nearly twice as long.

"There you go". 

As Tony spoke a guard came around the corner. Instinctively Tony fired twice. The bullets flew passed Cassidy, she gasped. The silenced rounds dropped the guard almost instantaneously.

He looked over at Cassidy.

"Close! You see it might be small...er but it still packs a punch"

The boat lunged sideways, they realised it was moving away from the jetty. Sirens roared in the distance. But they arrived too late the ship was out to sea. Tony spoke.

"I'm going down, you go to the control room try to stop the ship from getting away".

Tony quietly slipped down the stairs. He searched along the narrow passage ways and eventually came to a large storage bay. It was full of packing cases. He walked over to one and opened it.


The crate was full of guns. As he examined them he felt a large blow to his back. He swung round to point his gun but it was kicked out of his hand. Orlav swung a hook at him. He blocked it and punched him hard in the stomach. Orlav rocked backwards then lunged at Tony hitting him square in the face. Tony was knocked to the floor. He saw his gun only a few feet away. He stretched to grab it only to have to snap his arm back as Orlav swung a thick chain at him. He swept around and knocked Orlav off balance. He scrambled for his gun again and grabbed it. He turned in a supine position and raised his gun as Orlav came running at him with a fire axe. He pulled the trigger, nothing happened. The gun had jammed. Just as Orlav raised the axe, there was a shot. Orlav's facial expression changed he took one more step closer. There was another shot. Orlav fell to his knees and collapsed. As he fell the figure of Cassidy came in to view smoke still rising from her gun.

"You okay" she called to Tony.

"I'll survive, what about Saunders?"

"He's handcuffed to flagpole, he has a lot of questions to answer"

"And a long stay at Her Majesty's Pleasure hopefully"


She helped him up and he dusted himself down.

"Tony, you don't know how to drive a ship do you?"

"It's sail, and yes I do actually". 

Cassidy pulled a childish face. She mimicked him as they walked in her best British accent.

"Yes I do actually".

The End

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