Goodnight ViennaMature

By midnight they were ready. The Bentley crept along the side street, it's lights off. The growling of the engine was now almost a purr. He parked up.

"You see our Beth can be a kitten as well as a lioness".

"Very poetic, well it should be being that your from the land of the bard"

"Very good Cassidy" she frowned at him.

"I've been doing some homework".

Tony was impressed. She continued.

"But I can't find anything about you" 

Tony nodded.

"What are you a ghost? Even Donovan says you don't have a digital footprint. Now that's just plain weird. Who are you?"

"Well, in my line of business it pays to be invisible". 

 Cassidy thought about the photos.

"What is your line of business. Antony?".

Tony could tell her mood had changed. He decided to diffuse the conversation. He reached in to the glove box and removed a small pair of glasses, he put them on. A green glow appeared around his eyes. He scanned the office building with the high definition night vision glasses.

"I think the roof is our best option". Cassidy frowned.

"And how do you expect we might get up there?".

"Oh don't worry about that. Beth comes with accessories"


Tony pushed a button and the boot of the vehicle glided silently open. As Cassidy came round to the back of the car she could hardly believe her eyes. The boot was full of equipment and gadgets fitted in to the body of the car. Everything had a place specially tailor to its shape. There was also a large collection of various weapons.

"Jesus Christ Slater, there's enough fire power in here to start a war".

"Let's hope it never comes to that".

Tony reached in and grabbed two pairs of gloves and two pairs of shoe covers. Tony grabbed a set and gestured to Cassidy to do the same. Cassidy grabbed the gloves and they walk toward the large warehouse building. They got to the back wall Tony snapped on his gear while Cassidy kept look out. He turned to Cassidy.

"Just put them on and climb trust me".

Cassidy frowned. Tony placed a hand on the wall and pulled himself up he placed his other hand higher up the wall and continued to climb. Cassidy stood at the bottom looking up at Tony who was by now quite a way up the wall.

"Trust me"

She snapped on the gloves and put her hand on the wall. She immediately felt the glove affix to the wall. She placed her other hand higher and pulled herself up and she was climbing. About half way up as she placed her right hand on the wall nothing happened, she immediately slid down the wall held only by her left hand that was still firmly stuck to the wall. She screamed. Tony looked down.

"Cassidy are you okay?"

"NO! I'm falling, one of the gloves has stopped working. Help me!"

"Use the foot pads to get your grip back"

"What foot pads?"

"The foot pads, the ones that go with the gloves"

"Only brought the gloves, QUICK!"

"I'm coming"


Tony reached her just in time to stop her falling. Her grabbed her hand. She looked down they were at least fifty foot up the wall.

"What do you weight"

"That's a bit personal" she paused "115 pounds".

Tony made a quick mental calculation.

"Quick get on my back".


"Look just get on my back, your on my back most of the time anyway"

She climbed on to Tony and wrapped her legs around his waist. They slid down the wall a short way.

"You sure about 115 pounds"

"Yeah...On a good day"

"This doesn't seem to be a good day"

He continued to climb and eventually they reached the roof. Cassidy climbed down from Tony's back.

"Next time I'm taking the stairs but thanks"

"Not a problem, you can climb all over me anytime you want" he smiled. She blushed a little.

"Just thanks Slater, don't go letting your infantile imagination run wild. Besides your not my type"

"What is your type then Agent... sorry Special Agent Councel"

"I like my men honest". She stared at him. Tony snapped at her.

"Now look here, if this is about the invisible thing. May I remind you that I unlike you don't have support out in the field. I'M ON MY OWN! So it pays me good value to be invisible. It keeps me alive. It doesn't make me dishonest. You've not exactly been strait with me since we met. Have you?".

"Okay I get the message, sorry". She paused. "It's just... I know about your meeting on the car park".

Tony stared at her.

"Oh so you've been following me as well. Any pictures?".

"No... Well, Yes". Cassidy hung her head a little. Tony walked over to her and pulled out his phone. He flicked through his pictures and stopped on one.

"Well next time don't park as close"

He turned the phone around to show her the screen. It was a picture of her parked up outside the car park taking a picture.

"You knew?"

"Yes I knew" they looked at each other. "Now that's sorted out can we get on with the job".

Cassidy was a little confused, they could talk later. They tiptoed across the roof and peered through the skylight. There were two guards patrolling below. They both looked at the window lock. They both stood up. They both reached in to the large pocket on the side of their trousers. They mirrored each other's movements. They both pulled out a small leather case. Tonys case was rectangular and Cassidy's was curved. They unzipped their cases. They looked at each other both wanting to find the right gadget first to open the window. Cassidy pulled out a small but very powerful magnetic device she placed on the outside of the window and switched it on she then twisted the device, slowly the latch inside twisted with it. Click, the window was open. She punched the air.

"Yes, I win" she smiled. Tony smiled.

"I much prefer this personality... instead of the one that's like Margaret Thatcher"

"What? Who?"

"Never mind". He shook his head.

They opened the window and silently slid on to a beam. Slowly they balanced across the beam then climbed down on to an upper walkway.

They crept along until Tony was above a guard.

"I'll drop down on him and then it's goodnight Vienna, you distract the other guard"

Cassidy walked a long the gantry. She took a coin out of her pocket and flicked it along the passageway below. The guard heard the sound then turned to investigate. She nodded to Tony. He dropped down on top of the guard. The guard broke his fall and collapsed in a heap on the floor. Tony stood up, the guard moaned with one swift kick to the head the guard was unconscious.

Cassidy made her way down to the lower floor and followed the guard who was looking for the cause of the disturbance. She sneaked right behind him, then tapped him on the shoulder. The guard spun round to be greeted by Cassidy's knee right in his crotch. He moaned and doubled over, Cassidy swung her right arm and smashed the guard in the face. He spun round and collapsed, he was unconscious. Tony joined her he was impressed.

"That's the second time tonight you impressed me, where did you learn to fight like that?"

"Top of my class Phys Ed, at the academy"

"I must remember not to annoy you enough to get in a fist fight with you then"

They continued down the hall to the main office. The office door was locked, Tony picked the lock and they were in. They started leafing through the filing cabinets. Cassidy found a file and pulled it out.

Tony searched the desk drawers. He picked a picture frame up. Cassidy called him over to the filing cabinets.

"Tony, look!". She passed him the file. "He's selling guns to some nasty countries. He a bigger fish that we thought". Tony pondered.

"He's not the big fish, Saunders is just a salesman, a front for someone bigger"

"Who then?"

"I don't know yet, but I think whoever they are, they might be planning something big. We need to go to Paris".

"Paris, Texas?".

Tony frowned.

"Paris, France!"

"Not that I'm complaining, but WHY do we have to go to Paris?".

"We've been tracking Saunders, we being the British secret service for some time he has a contact in Paris that I believe he has never met"

He looked at her and spoke in broad Southern American accent.

"WHY Howdy there little lady". Cassidy laughed.

"Are you supposed to be from Africa or somewhere?"


She turned to leave the office. Tony followed, mumbling and cursing in a southern accent. Cassidy was thinking about Paris as Tony spoke.

"Anyway, we need to pay him a visit. So that is why it's Paris France, and not Paris Texas".

They continued out.

"Can we use the door this time, I don't fancy climbing down the wall"

She stepped over one of the guards. They slipped out of the back door, returned to the Bentley and left.

"Tony, how did you get this car through customs?"

"A large diplomatic bag" he smiled.

"I've never been to Paris, France. I suppose you have?"

"Yeah once or twice, actually I have a place there. It's on le Champs-Elysées, you'll be my guest".

Cassidy's face lit up with a beaming smile.

"Actually I have a place there". She mimicked him.

"Don't get too excited just yet, we have work to do a little closer to home before then".

The Bentley roared off in to the downtown traffic.

The End

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