The raid.Mature

Two black SWAT vans raced in to the car park, closely followed by the Bentley. The back doors of the vans swung open and several heavily arms FBI officers jumped out and proceeded to move towards the entrance. Tony and Cassidy. Drew their guns and joined the men.

Cassidy looked across at the team two leader and made a gesture to enter. They made their way in. Shouting at employees to get down. At the back of the reception Orlav stood with Saunders. Tony and Cassidy approached and Saunders spoke.

"Ah Mr Stone or what ever your calling yourself today. How can we help the authorities"

"Open the warehouse"

Saunders gestured to Orlav and they all walked to the warehouse door. Orlav entered the code, Cassidy pushed pass him and entered the warehouse followed by several SWAT team members, Tony, Orlav and finally Saunders. Saunders had a grin on his face.

The warehouse was empty, Cassidy's frustration was evident. She walked over to Saunders and looked him square in the eye.

"Where are they Saunders?"

"Where are what agent Councel"

"It's SPECIAL agent Councel".

Tony grabbed Saunders by the scruff of his collar and pushed him up against the wall. Orlav lunged forward, two SWAT officers stepped in the way.

"Where are they Saunders?"

"I haven't got a clue what your talking about" he paused "don't you have some kind of queen to protect"

Tony released his grip on Saunders. There were two packing cases in the far corner. Cassidy called to one of her men.

"Open them".

She pointed to the corner. One of the men bust open the case. Cassidy and Tony looked inside. It was full of small cuddly toys. Saunders piped up.

"We are trying to run a legitimate business here, this is harassment".

Cassidy gave the command for them to leave. As they walked out they didn't notice in an empty office on the first floor a figure stood in the dark watching Cassidy and Tony as they left. Cassidy looked back at Saunders who was looking smug.

"We'll be back!".

"Anytime SPECIAL agent Councel...and give my regards to your lovely sister in Denver".

Cassidy turned and lunged for Saunders. Tony grabbed her and pushed her towards the exit. She stopped struggling and walked out. Tony stared at Saunders.

"We'll be back!"

He left the building. When he got back to the car Cassidy was waiting for him. She was fuming with Saunders.

"GOD DANM IT! If that S.O.B. even looks at Julie, I'll kill him".

"Of that there is no doubt. Don't worry we'll get him. I think we need to come back and have look around here tonight. On our own".

They got in the car. Cassidy spoke.

"I don't think he's so enthralled by the British anymore".

"Well, we get a lot of bad press".

They drove off, thoroughly disheartened.

The End

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