Introducing Beth.Mature

The following day they made ready to go to Evolution Trading. Tony's phone rang.

"Ah fantastic! I'll pick it up in the garage".

He turned to Cassidy.

"Mind if I drive to Evolution Trading? My cars just been shipped from good ol' Blighty and she could do with a run to blow the cobwebs out of her".

Cassidy smiled.

"Her? Cobwebs? What is it a horse and cart?".

"I'll meet you out front in ten"

"Great I'll bring my spare saddle". Tony laughed.

"Maybe bring 600 or so of them"


Tony left the office. Cassidy collected her gun from her desk, as she opened the drawer she glanced across the pictures of Tony at the car park. She squinted her eyes. She went down to the lobby and exited the building. She stood at the front on 4th street. It was busy. Above the general noise of the street and the traffic. She could first feel then hear a low rumbling. The rumbling got louder. A deep, deep blue Bentley Continental GT Speed skidded to a haunt next to Cassidy. The door automatically opened. 

"Can I give you a lift?"

Cassidy sat in the plush leather seat and sank in a little.

"You certainly get better company cars in the British secret service"

"I never leave home without her"

Cassidy shut the door and the car sped off.

"So, has SHE got a name?"


"Her, the car"

"Of course she has"

They drove on further. It was driving Cassidy mad. After a while she couldn't hold the question in any longer.

"Well what is it then?"

"What's what?"

"Your car, what's it called then?". Cassidy knew he was winding her up by being non compliant.

"SHE, is called Beth"

"What's yours called?"

Cassidy smirked.

"We tend not to name cars in America because were not all mad".

"Very good agent Councel". Cassidy frowned.


"Indeed! you are"

"No! Special agent"

"Well, Hold on special agent"

Tony hit the accelerator hard and the car dramatically sped up. Cassidy could actually feel the G force as it accelerated. Before long they arrived at the offices of Evolution Trading.

"Look if Orlav is here. He thinks I'm someone different, so just play dumb". Tony spoke the rest of the sentence under his breath.

"That shouldn't be too hard for you"

"I heard that!"

They entered the office reception and walked up to the desk. Confidently Tony spoke.

"Hi, Roger Stone I'm here to see Orlav".

He turned and gestured for Cassidy to come forward.

"And this is my..." A broad smile settled across Tony's face. "...secretary Miss Sharples"

Cassidy smiled at the receptionist. She broke out in to a broad southern accent.

"Well howdy!".

The receptionist picked up the phone and started talking. Cassidy turned to Tony and scowled. She spoke through gritted teeth.

"Secretary? Miss Sharples?". 

Orlav came in to the reception area.

"Good afternoon Mr Stone" he shook Tony's hand. He completely blanked Cassidy and showed Tony through the back. Cassidy followed.

"What can I do for you Mr Stone?"

"I have a large shipment coming through soon. I wanted to make sure your security measures were fully in place"

Orlav was insulted. His tone became more aggressive.

"I can assure you every possible precaution will be taken care of. Besides I haven't been told about any large shipments".

Tony saw this as a chance to take control of the situation.

"You'll be told when you need to be told".

Orlav was angry but knew his place in the organisation.

"I'd like to see your facilities. I would..." Cassidy cut through the conversation.

"Howdy, could I use the ladies room".

Orlav threw her a glance and then gestured to the door. She dropped out of the office. Orlav continued.

"I'm afraid that won't be possible. Nobody is allowed in without the express permission of Mr Saunders". They continued to talk.

Cassidy slipped down the corridor in to the large warehouse space at the back of the building. The door that led through was locked by an electronic keypad lock. She pulled out her smart phone and placed it against the lock. digits flashed up on the screen until it settled on four numbers. She imputed the numbers and the door unlocked.

As she entered she saw a guard approaching he was brandishing a machine gun. She took a silver dollar out of her pocket and placed it on the floor then hid behind one of the many packing cases. The guard approached and noticed the dollar on the floor. He stooped to collect it, as he lifted from the floor a small puff of gas blew up in to his face. The guard moaned and collapsed on the floor. Cassidy looked around at the packing cases. In the corner was a crowbar. She jimmied a case open. Inside were several machine guns. The guard moaned, Cassidy slid passed him and collected the dollar on her way past.

Cassidy returned to the office. Tony was still arguing with Orlav about access to the warehouse. Cassidy kicked him. She spoke in a squeaky voice, her eyebrows raised.

"Time to go!"

"Okay well I will be taking this up with Saunders. Goodbye Orlav".

They quickly left the offices, as they reached the main entrance. An alarm sounded. They both sped up. As they crossed the car park Tony pressed a button on the remote. Both the doors of the Bentley sprung open and the engine started. The tyres screeched as they departed. Some of Orlav's men ran out of the office and started shooting at them. Tony pressed a button on the dash board. A metal grill suddenly covered the back screen just in time to repel the bullets. They left the car park. Tony looked at Cassidy.

"What the hell did you do in there?"

"I just powdered my nose, like a good secretary"

"I assume by their response, you found something"

Cassidy responded whilst dialling her phone.

"Wright, it's Cassidy we need a SWAT team to raid Evolution Trading. They're running guns out of there and they're not happy with us"

"Okay I'll organise it, you and Slater get back here. You two can lead the raid later".

They sped off towards the office to organise the raid.

The End

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