A frosty welcome in Washington DCMature

They walked along the corridor together in silence. Eventually they passed Wrigth's office, it had several large windows with blinds that were angled so he could see through them. Cassidy nodded as she passed just a small nod to let Wright know she still wasn't happy with the situation. Tony smiled as he passed and made a large waving gesture to the office. He did it to annoy Cassidy. It worked she huffed. They reached a stairwell and walked down to the lower floor. As they descended the stairs Tony noticed that it was far more sparse in the lower corridors. Plain white with utility pipes running along the length of the ceiling.

"Are you always this chatty on a first date, Cassidy?"

"It's special agent Councel".

"Oh now, now I didn't think you yanks were so formal" he paused, there was no response so he continued.

"I mean I can understand the frigidity"

She stopped walking.


"Well in your line of work you probably don't come in to contact with many men, that you don't have to kill before the end of the night. It's not like you work in Walmart"

"Kill someone before the end of the night" she glared at him "yes that sounds like a good plan"

"Maybe we could go out to dinner before you actually kill me. It may give you a few extra options like poisoning, other than plain old shooting me"

"Dinner! I'd rather shoot myself..."

"Ow Feisty though" he smiled, she didn't.

They arrived at a lab door. She walked in. The lab was full of equipment. At one side a large experiment was underway with several beakers bubbling away under heaters. A young man dressed in a lab coat approached them.

"Hello special agent Councel".

"Hi Donovan".

She turned to Tony.

"This is my field tech support operative. Philip Donovan". Tony shook his hand.

"Hi Tony Slater. British Secret Service, Pleased to meet you"

"We don't get many visitors down here. I'm honoured"

"Don't be, he won't be staying long. He's just helping us out on a case"

"Great I'd love to work with a Brit" Tony smiled.

"Why is everyone so enthralled with a Brit?".

She walked over to Donovan's desk.

"What did you get from the SD card?"

"It was heavily encrypted but I managed to get the information".

Donovan fumbled around with the papers on his desk and handed a file to Cassidy. She leafed through the pages. They thanked Donovan and left the lab.

"So what's on the disk then?" Tony enquirer.

"Not a lot just some financial records". Tony lent over to have a look. Cassidy snapped the file shut. Cassidy turned to Tony.

"So what do you know about Saunders then?".

"You first!"

"I asked first"

"Surely ladies before gentlemen"

"It's not the nineteenth century you know"

"Look if we are to work together we need to be honest with each other" he paused. "So why don't we start with what's on the SD card"

"I told you, just financial records"

"Okay, and what else" he waited.

"Okay there's a lot of transactions to one company. A shipping company"

"Right is it 'Evolution Trading'?"

"Yes how do you know?"

"I've been tracing how he gets artefacts in and out of the country. Our friend from the casino, Orlav runs security for them".

Cassidy smiled. 

"Great we need to pay them a visit then". She turned to walk back up the stairs.

"Did you just smile at me then?"


They continued back to her office. Tony was readying to go to his hotel. He'd been allocated a pool car, whilst he waited for his car to be shipped. They walked down to the car park.

"So where are you staying?".

"The Willard Intercontinental".

"Nice, it figures"


"It's where the Queen would stay"

They got in to their respective cars. Tony's car screeched off, followed by Cassidy's. When they got to the exit Tony turned left. "The Intercontinental is right" she thought. She turned left in to the flow of traffic several cars behind Tony. After a short while she realised he wasn't going to the Intercontinental, she followed him. He drove to an abandoned car park on the outskirts of town. She parked a distance away where she could see. After a short while another car arrived at the car park. Cassidy got her camera out and focused it on the cars. Tony walked over to the car as the window slowly came down. An envelope was passed to Tony. Cassidy shot several pictures of the encounter. Tony left the car park, the other car drove off in the opposite direction.

She waited a short while then rang him.

"Hi, Tony?"

"Cassidy what a pleasant surprise?"

"I was just making sure you found the hotel okay?"

"Well apart from the fact you lot drive on the wrong side of the road, yes I did find it okay. I'm just heading down to the bar now".

"Okay well great, have a nice evening. I'll see you in the morning". She hung up, her eyes narrowed.


The End

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