Play nice children.Mature

The busy Washington FBI field office at 601 4th street teamed with activity. A large open plan area gave way to smaller individual offices. Tony slowly walked through following special Agent Wright. They eventually stopped at an office door.

"Here you go Slater" he paused and smiled 

"Good luck, you'll need it".

He walked back toward the hub. Tony knocked tentatively on the wooden door tapping just next to a sign that read. Special Agent Councel. From inside the room he heard a voice.


He opened the door and walked in, Cassidy had her head in a file. When she eventually looked up she sighed.

"Oh great, the British secret service are here to save the day". She sneered at him.

"Not to stretch a point but to be quite correct you would have to add...Again".

They stared at each other. Wright walked in the room. They continued to stare at each other they hadn't even noticed him. Wright coughed. Cassidy looked up at him. Tony smiled and punched the air.

"I win". 

Cassidy threw him a glance.

"I hope you two have worked out your differences?". Cassidy snubbed Tony and turned to Wright.

"Yes sir, Slater was just going to tell me everything he knows about Saunders operation before he sets off back for England".

Wright leant down on the desk.

"Well my intuition tells me different, it tells me that you and Slater have got a lot of work to do"

He slammed a file down on the desk

"So get to it!"

He turned to walk out.

"Cassidy take him down to the lab see what they've got from the SD Card and give him the tour" he paused "get to know each other a little better and play nice children".

"A tour of enlightenment so to speak I'm looking forward to this".

Tony smirked. Cassidy scowled. Wright left the room. Cassidy stood up walked over to Tony looked him up and down, then brushed passed him. She walked to the door without looking back.

"You comin?"

She walked out of the room in to the corridor.


The End

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