Cassidy's new partnerMature

Cassidy Councel, was an incredibly tenacious agent. She was revered by her colleagues in the FBI and always got the job done. She was fiery and was fiercely competitive. She had long blonde hair which was always tied back. Today she had been called to the office of Special Agent Wright, her boss. She knocked on the door. Wright was on the phone, he gestured for her to come in.

"...Okay, well go ask them then! Call me when you get back". He hung up the phone. He swung round on his chair.

"Councel I've got a new assignment for you and it comes with a new partner"

"I don't need a partner" she frowned.

"Now you need to play nice on this one Councel, a new partner might be good for you"

"Look, I don't need a partner and I don't want a partner. Can I go now?".

"You can go in a minute"


"After you've met you're new partner". He stared at her.

"Slater! Get in here"

The door opened and Tony walked in. Cassidy turned her head.

"You!" She scowled at him.

"I see you two have already met"

"I ought to arrest you right now..." She was cut off by Wright.

"Good! That will cut down on the introductions. Cassidy Councel, FBI meet Antony Slater, British secret service". Tony smiled at Cassidy.

"At your service" he nodded. She pulled a face at him.

"Look this is never going to work" Cassidy argued. Tony nodded.

"I agree, we..."

"Look you two what ever your differences are, work them out. Hands across the water and all that kind of stuff. Now what happened at the hotel did you get the intel?"

"No, I would have but the British secret service got involved and it didn't go as planned".

Wright sat back down in his chair.

"So were back to stage one"

Tony reached in his pocket and pulled out a silver cigarette case.

"She was too late anyway, I had already got the intel, before we ended up in the closet".

Wright frowned.

"In the closet?"

"No, there was no closet". She slid her leg across and kicked Tony on his shin.

Tony flipped open the case and took out an SD card and handed it to Wright.

"Okay good work Agent Slater"

"Always happy to help our American friends" he looked up at Cassidy "especially when they need a helping hand". He smiled at her again. She scowled at him again. Wright handed the SD Card to Cassidy.

"Thank you sir, I'll get right on it".

She turned and started to walk out. Tony gestured to Wright.

"Thank you, we'll get right on it" 

Cassidy and Tony left.

"Nice work with the giggling, very convincing". Tony smirked.

"Look just... Stay out of my way" she stormed off.

The End

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