The closet scene.Mature

Tony left his room and walked down the corridor he stopped at suite 265. He glanced along the empty corridor. He pulled out a credit card and put it in the door lock. A small red LED ran across the bottom of the card when it filled up the door latch clicked and the door was unlocked. Tony slowly pushed open the door and slid inside the room. As he walked along the short corridor, he heard movement up ahead. He drew his gun and leaned into the corner ready to pounce. He spun around the corner with his gun raised to see a woman pointing a gun at him. She spoke first.

"Freeze FBI" she paused as she recognised him.


Tony's response was equally as inquisitive.


"Drop your weapon". She was confident and forthright in her pronunciation.

"I relinquish my weapon for no one, allow me to introduce myself Antony Slater British secret service" he smiled.

"Now tell me what's a waitress doing in a clients bedroom holding a gun?"

She looked at him as though he was a little crazy.

"Oh please I'd much rather hear your excuse, British secret service?"

By now Tony had put his gun away, Cassidy however was still pointing hers at him.

"Are you going to put that gun away at some point, you're so bloody vulgar you yanks".

Cassidy was enraged.

"What! Now you listen to me Mr, I don't care if you're on a mission for the que..." The door to the suite rattled.

Tony sprung up.

 "Quick in here". 

He pushed her in to the closet then squeezed in next to her and shut the door behind them. Cassidy was furious but due to being locked in the closest she couldn't express her feelings in manner she wanted to, so instead she punched him in the arm.

"What do you think you are you doing?" She whispered through gritted teeth.

Tony looked through the slats in the door.

"Great! it's only the cleaner"

"Great?" She paused. "Does GREAT have a different meaning in England, cause in American it means we're stuck in a cupboard"

Tony turned to her.

"I've already seen your legendary skills playing a dumb waitress, well can you remember a time before you hated men"

She scrunched her face at him.

"I don't hate all men, it's just one particular man at the moment"

"Look we can get out of this. The cleaners don't know who the rooms belong too, so what we need to do is... oh and don't forget to giggle a bit".

She frowned.


Tony grabbed round Cassidy's waist pulled her close to him and burst out of the closet. Kissing Cassidy's neck. The cleaner jumped and gave out a gasp.

"Sorry senior".

Tony ignored the cleaner.

"Oh darling" 

He dragged her to the door and kissed her neck again. Cassidy giggled. Tony grabbed the door handle, let go of Cassidy and walked out in to the corridor closely followed by her, mumbling and cursing. As Cassidy rounded the corner she had calmed down enough to allow her to speak to Tony.

"You do realise your under arrest when we get out of here, don't you?"

There was no reply. She turned to speak again, but there was no one there. Tony had gone.

"Damn it" she pulled a childish face.

"British secret service my arse".

She left the hotel without the intel she had gone to retreive.

The End

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