The Service.Mature

Crime drama collaboration project feel free to get involved. I was hoping for something that we could serialise. A larger story arc with individual crimes / mysteries to solve whilst developing the relationships of the characters.

The auditorium hummed with noise, voices, clinking glasses, occasional laughing and shoes clicking on the marble floor. Antony Slater walked in to the bustling crowds. He was looking for someone. He slowly moved around the room, squeezing passed the odd groups that had formed as people chatted and dealed. Across the way he saw the particular crowd he was searching for. He joined them. 

He was greeted by a larger than life Texan, sporting a large ten gallon hat. His strong southern accent and large gestures obviously meant he was the main player in the group. He was Gerald Saunders III, the oil billionaire. He'd made his money in oil but that was not the only thing he made deals in.

"Hello Mr Stone, how are you?"

Tony greeted him with a firm handshake. For Gerald this was a sign of power and confidence.

"Come, please sit. Let me introduce you to a friend of mine. This is Orlav, he will be joining us for our meeting"

Tony shook his hand and sat down with the men.

"What do you think of the place Stone?"

"It's impressive, congratulations"

"God damn I love you Brits"

Tony scanned round the room. As he did a body appeared in front of him. It was wearing a small red waitress dress, as Tony worked his gaze up to her face he was taken by how attractive she was. Long blonde hair draped over her shoulder. Tony smiled at her.

"Good evening gentlemen, what can I get you to drink?" She smiled.

Saunders wanted to order first to show he was in charge.

"Hey darlin', bourbon double strait"

She turned to Orlav.

"And you sir?"

"Vodka with ice"

She turned to Tony.

"Good afternoon sir"

"Hello, I'd like..." He looked her up and down and smiled.

"I'd like a gin and tonic with ice and slice of lemon, please"

The waitress smiled.

"Coming right up"

She sped off in to the crowd, towards the bar.

They continued their meeting. Before long the waitress was back with a tray full of glasses. As she arrived she interrupted Saunders talking.

"...I have it here in the casino"

The waitress coughed, then smiled.

"Here we go gentlemen"

She arranged the glasses in the front of the men. With a certain amount of stealth as she leant over she laid an extra coaster on the table. The men paid little attention, none of them noticed it. They continued to talk. Saunders tapped her behind.

"Run along now little lady, go do what ever it is I pay you to do"

The waitress seemed embarrassed.

"Yes sir, Mr Saunders. Right away"

She disappeared off in to the milling crowd. From that moment on unbeknown to the men they were being listened to. The men concluded their meeting and Tony left to go up to his hotel room.

The End

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