The ServantMature

Jullie is in love with her servant! but he is hiding a big secret that will forever change her life.

"Mark? Can you help me with this?" Julie shouted after her third failed attempt at doing up her zipper on her dress.

"Yes mistress Jullie." His strong Irish accented voice shouted back. Jullie held back a shiver of anticapation as he reached for her zipper. His hand touched her skin and shot shivers through her body.

"You all right mistress?" He asked her concerned.

"Yes yes. Quite allright." She told him hurridly.

She turned around to look in his sweet baby blue eyes. Her heart beat twice as fast as he moved closer to her. His breath cradling her face.

"Please..." She breathed just before his lips touched hers. Jullies whole body shook with delight at the touch. She wrapped her arms around him and squeezed. He did the same.

They broke away together, out of breath.

"I shouldnt have done that. I am sory Mistress Jullie." Mark said turning away from her.

"No. We should have done that. Admit that it feels right." Jullie told Mark who turned back around to look at her.

"Yes it feels right. But that does not mean it is.2 He told her hesitantly.

"Princess Jullie? Your parents are asking for you." The maid, Gillians voice interupted them.

"Okay. I am coming." Jullie shouted back, then to Mark, "Meet me in the woods at eleven." She stopped to make sure she had Marks agreeal before turning on the spot and walking fluently out the room.

"I am going to be in so much trouble!" Mark murmered to himself before turning to the window and jumping daown the twenty flights onto the green grass.

The End

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