The Sermon

A service at a local church goes wrong when the congregation is revealed to be made up of vampires. However, they are promptly thwarted by a professional hunter.

             The sounds of the sermon going on below me echoed off the walls of the church. I was crouching in the rafters close to the ceiling, in the shadows, everyone else ignorant of my presence. They were too busy with prayer and repentance to look up.

            On one end of the church was the elevated platform on which stood the priest and the choir. Off to the side were the nuns. On the other side were the pews in which people sat in silent prayer.

            The people then stood up and walked up the aisle in single file for communion. As they waited patiently, two nuns stood up and walked to the entrance. They placed a long wooden plank on the handles, barring it. The people looked back, some of them with nervousness. And then, the priest, the nuns, and the choir all smiled in unison; revealing sharp fangs.

            “Vampires!” one of them shouted. “Children of Satan!” Many people in the church began screaming. A man grabbed the grail out of the priest’s hand, scooped up some holy water, and splashed his face with it. The priest screamed in false agony, clutching his face, but then laughed, and began walking towards the man. This was my moment.

            I drew an M9 out of a holster on my belt, took aim, and fired, hitting the priest in the chest. He screamed, this time in real agony, though he did not die. The nuns and choir looked up, finally noticing me as I jumped down from the rafters, landing in the middle of the aisle.

            “It’s him!” one of them shouted. “Kill him!”

            I took a remote detonator out of my pocket and pushed the button. The front door immediately exploded, leaving an escape route. The people all ran for their lives, leaving just myself and the vampires.

            I drew my MP5 sub-machine gun and fired at the nuns. Six of them fell dead and crumbled into ash. A choir member came at me from the side, but I was faster than even his superhuman abilities could make him. I threw a heavy punch at his face, leaving an indent from the silver knuckles stitched into my gloves. I then took out a silver dagger and plunged it into his heart, and he screamed in agony before crumbling.

            The priest commanded the choir to attack. I took out my SPAS-12 shotgun and blasted them one by one.

            Two more nuns came at me, one from above and one from behind. I jumped out of the way, letting them crash into each other. I took out a flashlight and shone it at them, watching as the UV rays seared their flesh, blackening it, before they crumbled.

            Only the priest and three choir members remained. The choir members came at me. I killed two of them with knives to the head. For the third one, I took a syringe out of my pocket, grabbed him by the throat, and injected him. The silver nitrate inside burned his organs, and he screamed and crumbled to dust.

            The priest looked at me nervously as I began approaching him. He turned to run, but not before I took a four-foot garrotte wire out of my coat. I wrapped it around his neck and pulled, the barbs hooking into his neck, burning through until his head was severed. I then put away my weapons and walked out of the church, before disappearing into the night.

The End

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