Perhaps it was the scorching heat.

Perhaps it was only the girl herself.

Or, perhaps it was the combination of both.

The latter having the greatest of all probabilities.


By any and every standard, she was, and indeed a beautiful girl. She was pretty with her long silky hair, her pitch black eyes and her delicately shaped mouth. Her body was also entirely in proportion and her height was, too the best for the girl that she was. Truly, she was too beautiful and in terms of her beauty, she could not be described as anything but flawless.


And it was not like he was unaware of it. The moment he had set his eyes on her, he had always known that he had fallen in love with her. It wasn’t like all the other boys in the high school would soon fall for her too, but where theirs’ would be only pure lust, his was of pure love, or at least he thought so. Perhaps it was only a temporary infatuation tempered by the naivety of youth, but little had he known when he had formed his former opinions of how much they would affect the course of his life that was to come.

The End

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