Chapter Three

Slowly, over a course of three hours, Dylan learned bits and pieces of Maria. Her favorite color was purple, her best friends were Luke and Emmie. He even knew she was a cheerleader. That had schooled him. She looked a little rough for the sport, not tiny and preppy. But, then again, she was very short.

But Maria knew nothing about him. He wanted it too stay that way. Watching her pale eyelids covering her clear blue eyes, her dark lashes covering the dreams she was having made him happy. She had the look of pure innocence. But his story would ruin that. She would never trust him.

Dylan needed trust. He’d been thourgh and back. All he wanted know was a normal life. But he knew, now that he was here, with Maria, not in love with her, he doubted he would ever be, but with her, he would never have a normal life.

He took her headphones out of her ears, and turned on her Iphone. He went into her pictures, and watched Maria’s life. A video caught his eyes.

He pushed the plays video, and saw Maria walk into centre view. She smiled, and leaned over, stopping about hip level. Her leg was above her head, sight up. He short red hair fell in waves to the ground. Two voices cheered off camera.

“I can’t believe you did that!” A female voice said, sounding shocked. “Now, put your leg down, and let me put this down.”

The camera was set down, and a boy and girl came into view. They came up to Maria, and cupped there hands. Maria stepped into them, holding onto their shoulders, and was lifted up.

The girl looked up at Maria, ready to commended her. She nodded to the boy, and they started to walk. Taking tiny steps, making it as easy as they could for Maria. Once they where in the grass, with Maria still in the air, the girl smiled.

“Right heel stretch.” The girl on the ground said. Maria pulled her right leg to her head. “Front right heel stench. Good, now left one. Now your side one. Good girl.”

Maria smiled, and let her left foot down and smiled. She held her skinny arms above her head. The two holding her, lifted her up, then dropped her. Maria turned in the air, and landed in their arms.

“Good job Maria. Luke,” Dylan looked at boy. His black hair was covering his eyes, which where green. “Go help Maria with the coed stunt.”

The camera was shut off.

Dylan looked at the screen. Maria was talented. And she had to give all of that up for him. But, not really him. The U.N. Or maybe even the world. The world’s eyes will on her for the next few months. From her wedding, to her meeting her countries people, to even her friends. They will know everything and anything about this small girl. Her biggest fears and biggest serecrts.

Dylan wanted to protect her. He wanted to save her. But he first had to learn to handle his past. And the girl he had once loved.

It was about two years ago, when Dylan was fourteen. He had met a girl, named Sophie. She was just pretty, with long brown hair that fell mid back. She had the biggest doe eyes Dylan had ever seen. They had dated, if that’s what dating is at fourteen. They never did anything. Anything.

Tell Sophie was pregnant. But Dylan wasn’t the father. And he knew it. He tried to explain this to his parents, Sophie’s family, everyone. Nobody believed him.

The day he went to Sophie was the end. He begged her to tell the truth, but she wouldn’t. She claimed that she needed the baby to be his, so it would have a life.

She explained that her family moved to America from a small European country. They left that country to give Sophie a chance at having a life. The baby’s father was in the country, and would want Sophie to come home and marry him.

“The laws there are diffent, Dylan.” Sophie explained, putting her hands on her swollen tummy. “I would be married right now, and having a second child after I have this one. I can’t go back, Dylan.”

Dylan listened, he couldn’t bring himself to think of the plan he had argged to do. He would say the baby was his, and help Sophie kill it.

Sophie wanted the baby dead, and Dylan loved Sophie. Sophie killed the bay in it’s sleep, making it looked like she had SIDS.

She had the face of any mother who lost a child. Crying, swearing, wishing herself dead. Dylan was in shook. He knew what happened, that he wasn’t the father. But it still pained him.

A moth later, Sophie was sent back to her homeland, and the small town forget the terrible story. But it still hurts Dylan everyday.


“Maria?” Dylan said, lightly poking her. “Wake up.”

Maria’s eye fluttered opened, meeting Dylan’s face. It looked grim.

“I have to tell you something..”

The End

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