Chapter Two

“You’re a princess of a small, falling European country. This country needs a leader Maria, and you have to be that leader, I’ve been gone for far too long. If you go, with the blood that runs though your veins, and a man at your side, that country will be users to mold.” Kathine reached across to comforted her stunned daughter.

“Kathine, I argged with everything you said. Expect one tiny detail. The country will not be hers to mold. The U.N. will be making all major choices.” Lucy said, a small smile on her face.

“Oh.” Maria said, almost so quite you couldn’t here her. She sighed, and met Lucy’s eyes. She didn’t want this, but she had no choice. Well, she wasn’t going to but up a fight at least. That wasn’t like her.

“In about ten minutes, you will leaving here. The car will also be carrying on of the other, err cadent. Your future husband to be specific. “ Lucy said, standing up. “Please go back your stuff. Only enough for a week and half.”

Maria stood up, followed by her mother. She carefully made her way past Lucy, and walked up the stairs.  When she got to the top, she turned and faced her mother.

Katharine’s face was full of love, and pain. She put her slender on Maria’s small shoulder, a motherly gesture

“Honey, I’m sorry-” Kathine said, looking into the same clear blue eyes she had. Maria pulled away, not wanting to even look at her. How could she do this to her baby girl? Who she raised, telling her she was special, but not that special. Katharine had always been hard on her, making sure she was the top student in every class. Even making her take the states standirzed test for the grade above her. But, Katharine was never a helicopter parent.

Maria opened the door to her small room, and slammed it in her mothers face. She fell on her bed, and let herself cry.

Dylan sat in the black of the sleek SUV, playing on his Iphone. He was in the middle of nowhere,  on the way to get the girl he was being forced to marry. From what he understood, she was a total bit-

“Dylan, if you look out your window, your see we are here.” Dylan closed the app he had been playing with, and looked out the tinted window. A tiny, two story house was in front of him.

The house gave him the thought of corn fields, bonfires, and bare feet.  The screen door opened, and a tiny, pouty girl game out. That couldn’t be Maria could it?

He opened the door, and got out of the SUV. The girl looked at him, coming up to him. She was a bit shorter then his shoulder, making him feel like a giant.

“Who are you?” He asked rudely.

“The Virgin Mary, who do you think I am?” She asked just as rude.

“You must be Maria,  they told me you had a funny sense of humor.” Maria gave a small smile, then frowned again.

“You must be, well, I don’t know. I don’t even know your name, but you seem to know a lot about me. Did you know I have-”

“MARIA! I TOLD YOU TO STOP TELLING PEOPLE THAT!” A women who looked just like Maria came running out of the house, carrying a Vera Bradley bag. “I’m sorry, Maria is in a terrible mood. Rough day for her.” The women smiled at her daughter. “I’m Katharine Aspen.”

Dylan meet Kathine hand in a firm hand shake. He gave the women a pleasant smile. If he was nice to her, maybe Maria would warm up to him.

“Maria, your stuff is in the back are ready, Lucy and that man have are ready put it in there. Yours the stuff you can entertain your self with. I’ll meet you at the airport before you leave next week.” Kathine said, wrapping her daughter in a embrace.

Dylan frowned and motioned to Maria to follow him to the car. Maria took one last look at her home. Dylan could tell this was hard on her. It wasn’t hard on him though, he was raised knowing this would happen. He knew he would rule something.

They got into the car, Dylan offering a hand to Maria, but quickly took it back after she glared at him.

“So, want to listen to music?” Dylan asked her, after a hour of silence. Maria looked up. She had a slight, thin smile on her freckled face.

“Yeah, but we’re listening to mine.” Dylan unblocked his seatbelt, and moved into the middle seat. He buckled the seatbelt, and grabbed the headphone from Maria, and listened while she choose a song. He smiled at her choice.

White Houses by Vanessa Carlton. A song he knew way to much about. Because he lived part of it.

He wrapped his arm around her  tiny shoulders, realizing that Maria fit right inside of his arms. Like she was meant to.

The End

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