The Serect World of Maria

Maria is your everyday small town girl. She never thought of herself of being anything more then a hostile red head, let alone a girl who's Mother is a ruler of a small country. Plus, that small country is failing. Too save the country, the U.N. comes up with Maria. She is tossed into a world of forced love, big changes and government.

Standing in line for the local twenty one and under club, Maria looked  like your average small town girl who’s life was planned since the moment she entered the world. Go to high school, have a high school sweetheart, marry him, pop out a few kids, and live a quite life.

Maria could hope for a life like that. Or she could hope for a life like girls her age dreamed of. Moving to a big city, being someone. Not someone’s Mother, Daughter, Sister or Wife. Maria didn’t know what she wanted.

Right now she feed on the world around. That’s how she thought it should be. Not having a care in this big, big world. She didn’t care. As long as she was happy.

Maria looked up from her shiny white Iphone, and smiled at her best friends, Emmie and Luke. Emmie was the complete opposite of Maria. Emmie was big bonded, and bold with a shot pixie cut brown hair, spiked. Maria was tiny boned, short, and had long strawberry blonde hair. Though, by the day it become more red then blonde.

Luke had the most seasonable look. A nice, average male hair cut, big doe eyes and a kind smile for everyone he met. Maria admired him for that.

“So, who’s ready for some fun?” Emmie asked. Just as Emmie spoke, Maria’s phone started to play More Like Her by Miranda Lambert. Her text message ring tone.

Come home ASAP! Was the message from her Mother. Maria sighed.

“Not me. Luke, can you drive me home?” Maria said with a huge sigh. Her mother was just like her, but more demanding. When she said come home, she meant it. She learned that the hard way.

“Yeah, I guess.” Luke said, cutting under the red rope with Maria and Emmie on his tail.

“Emmie, you don’t have to come.” Maria said,  getting into the front seat of Luke’s black Ford truck. 

“Yeah, I do. He’s my ride too.” Emmie answered, getting into the small backseat. Emmie kicked her long legs up on the seat, pulled out her MP3 and put into her headphones.

With in minutes of getting onto the highway, Emmie was sleeping.

“Why do you think you have to go home this time? It’s only five thirty.” Luke said, turning down the radio, which Maria had turned up loud on purpose. She understood the fact that it bothered him that she was always wanted at home, but he didn’t really understand how much her Mother wanted her safe.

But she didn’t tell him, this time she was getting text messages every five minutes, saying she needs to be there now.

“I don’t know. Just hurry please.” She said, looking out her window. The outside was changing from the city, too country. About twenty minutes till they get home, if Luke hurried, it would be ten.

“And get pulled over? Maria, you don’t understand the rules of driving do you?” Luke pulled off the highway, onto side road, that lead into there tiny little town. 

The world around Maria become too familiar, even the shade of the grass. Sometimes she wished she could escape, but she couldn’t.


The house was simple, white paint, two story, a swing on the porch. It was homey as soon as you entered the kitchen. It was Maria’s house, and her Mothers. Nobody else’s.

Maria entered the house thought the back door. At once she knew something was too quite.

“Mom?” Maria said, setting her bag on the kitchen table.

“Come into the living room sweetie, I have some, err, people for you too meet.”  Maria walked into the living, and saw her Mother sitting on the coach, with a women sitting next too her. Across from them was a tall man.  The women got up and met Maria too shake her hand.

“Hello Maria, I’m Lucy and this David. We are here on behalf of the U.N or the United Nations.”

“Listen, I never did anything illegal-” Maria said.

“Look! She doesn’t have the accent! Ha! She can’t-” Maria’s mother jumped up and looked the man in the eyes.

“She does. You just can’t here it, since you raised her.” Lucy said. “Maria, please sit down.”

Maria eyed Lucy out of the conor of her eyes, and sat down. These people, they where from the U.N, they had to be crazy.

“Maria, there’s something you should know.” Maria’s mother said, knotting her hands together.

“First, Maria is your true name. It’s Mariabella.” Maria’s mother sighed. Maria started at her.

“No, it’s Maria.” She said shortly.

“Have you seen your birth certicafate?” Lucy asked.


“Then how would you know?” Lucy said, using the same tone Maria had used.  “Kathine, please tell Mariabella about her arrangement.”

“What’s my arrangement?” Maria turned to face her mother.

“Maria,” Kathine let out a small sob, “your,” Sob.” Marriage,” Sob.” Country.”

Maria looked at her mother, giving her aYour acting crazy in front of important peoplelook.

Maria turned from her mother to Lucy, who had a very ticked off look. She met Maria’s blue eyes and studied her. From the top of her curly red her, from the few curves she had, to her long, muscle legs.  Lucy sighed, and said words Kathine could not.

“Oh for Gods sakes, Maria, your getting married in less then a month.”

The End

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