The Sentinels Chronicle - Entry 2 -Mature

"In a Universe where Governments and Diplomacy are nothing but figments of imagination, and oppression and fear go hand in hand with love and peace. We will not be needed, fear will not be used to oppress the peacing loveing, mindless dignitaries of the Universe and we will not have to prevent the Shadow from spilling over the edge and into our Worlds.

 However, fear compels our peoples, oppresses their rights. And the peace loving dignitaries are shown to be enemies. The worst threat still comes from the hordes behind our Universe's blind spot. The Edge is a souless, heartless mistake in which Gods now ignore out of fear. As Sentinels our duty is to defend this border, prevent invasion. And keep peace from our multiple fortresses of solitude."

Extract from the Sentinels Code written in the Human year 1918


Entry 19: January 24th 2390

Dear Wol.

I can not remember anything anymore. I can not remember before my Sentenial Induction. Not what air smelt like after diving deep under the surface of the water, or the sound as feet fell on the crisp autumn leaves. It is nothing but a blank canvas in my mind that I fear will never be filled. Wol, I am scared. I am afraid of The Edge, I am afraid of the Sentenial Lords, The thing I am most afraid of is the seclusion I face, it is just yourself and me Wol.

Our tower is light years away from the nearest outpost other than ours. Ice separates the outposts. Everywhere I look, their is only ice, until i face the dreaded Edge. I can only describe it as having an infinite amount of darkness. No stars, no light, no hope. Their is no entrance, jumping over into the Edge will do no good. One will only fall for an infinite amount of time. Time has no real effect out here as we are so far from the Universal centre. A day on the Humans planet Earth, could be a billion years where I now stand. I will not age, I cannot age.

Sentinels are timeless. Sentinels are flawless. The Sentinels have made a mistake....

The End

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