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I was at home, when I heard the door bell ring. On opening the door, I found a plump, pale faced woman. Her eyed were red and puffy as if she had been crying the entire night.

"You must be Selena Winter, "she said.

I nodded.

"I'm Susan Robertson. Dehlia Robertson's sister." Mrs. D's sister held out a black envelope.

"Dehlia passed away three days ago due to cancer. As your teacher's sister I know she would want you to come to her funeral, and to the reading of her will."

For a while, I stood there, unable to say anything. Then I noticed the invitation in her hand, and took it saying, "I'm sorry."

Susan Robertson swallowed, nodded her head, and then walked to her car. I watched her as she sped away.

Mrs. D's funeral was a grand affair. The Robertsons were rich, and though Mrs. D worked as a teacher, she had received a huge inheritance. As I walked into the halls of Mrs. D's mansion, I saw so many sad people. This was the first funeral that I had been to, and I did not enjoy the experience. Mrs. D had apparently meant a lot to so many people.

I sat uncomfortably throughout the whole spectacle. Just when I thought I was free to go home, I was called upon for the reading of the will. I had to do so against my will, though I knew the only thing Mrs. D would have left me would be some advice on how to work hard. 

Only a few people were present at the reading. This comprised of mostly Mrs. D's family. All eyes turned to me as I walked into the room, and I could hear people starting to whisper.

Mrs. D was richer then I thought. She left her sister a holiday home in the Carribean, a villa in France and a house in new York.

Secretly, I found myself wishing for the typewriter that Mrs. D had shown me so long ago.

Suddenly, I found my name being called.

"To Selena,"I heard the man say, "who is the most talented aspiring writer I have ever met, I leave my monetary wealth, my collection of books and every other asset not previously mentioned, so that she may never stop writing."

I trembled at hearing these words.

"Selena, if you are present as I hope you are, know that I have always believed in you, and always will. Though I have never told you this before, you are one of the few people whose way with words touched me. Never stop working hard. "

That was when I really started to cry. I sobbed covering my face with my hands and ran out of the room taking in deep breaths. I collapsed in the garden among the well tended flower beds. For a while I wondered what so much money could do for me. I would never have to stay up late, never have to worry about anything again. Mrs. D had realized that, and I had never even expressed my gratitude to her.

The sky was cloudless today. Looking up at the endless stretch of blue, I imagined heaven. That was where Mrs. D would be.

"Thank you, " I said to her, "Thank you."

The End

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