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Suddenly, a lurid blue poster on the wall caught my attention. It was a poster for an upcoming story writing competition. My heart leapt at the thought of winning. I would show them. Show Mrs. D and the rest of the seventh graders what it meant to be a writer.

That evening i was plagued by the tower of homework that had accumulate through the day. After what seemed like four hours, I closed my textbooks and made my way to the kitchen to make dinner.

When I had finished, I remembered the story I thought I would write. Tired and almost fainting from exhaustion,  I made my way to bed. I would see about the story tomorrow.

I had decided to wake up early the next morning. Unfortunately, my alarm didn't ring, and by the time the school bus had arrived, I had barely even thought of an idea for a story. It was next to impossible to write on the bus. The screaming children, the bad roads and the stifling air contributed to my claustrophobia. Since, I couldn't hear myself think, I plugged in my headphones and started counting cars.

Obviously, the only time I could write was in Mrs. D's class. Everyone was so enamored by her, that they forgot to make a sound.

I was so absorbed in my story that I didn't notice Mrs. D looming overhead.

She snatched my book, furiously glaring at me as she did so. Angrily skimming over the pages, she finally dropped the book back on my table.

Her next words were in a careful, controlled voice, as if she didn't want to exhibit her rage.

"Selena, you will never be a writer. You are the most indisciplined, uncouth student that I have ever seen.

I indignantly sucked in a deep breath, though I could sense the tears brimming in my eyes. I put on an uncaring expression and looked at her blankly.

"You think you're talented, don't you? You think that you can just do something and people will love it anyway. Don't you ?"Her eyes scanned my expression but I refused to let my emotion show. 

She shook her head and turned away, and for the rest of the class I sat rooted to the spot and felt like sinking through the ground.

The End

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