‘Why is there a need for further questioning?’ Matthew Bailey asked as he sat down in a questioning room. ‘And who is he?’ he pointed towards Ethan.

‘He’s the medical examiner.’ Lyla said as she down opposite him

‘I have a few questions, if you don’t mind’ Ethan started, ‘why did you beat up Jacie Winger before shooting her in the temple?’

The calm expression on Matthew's face transformed into horror as he heard Ethan speak.

‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’ he thundered when he finally found his speech, ‘How dare you accuse me of shooting my fiancée and my brother?’

‘I didn’t accuse you of shooting your brother.’ Ethan said in a calm voice.

‘We found surveillance tapes of your summer home’ Lyla tossed across two tapes, ‘They show you coming in and leaving the house.’

‘There are no surveillance cameras in the summer home.’ He muttered darkly.

‘Your brother installed them last winter after a break in attempt’Harveysaid, coming into the room.

‘Your brother was in the summer house, planning to join his friends the next day for a camping trip in the mountains. So what did you do?’

‘I did nothing!’ Matthew yelled standing up, ‘NOTHING! YOU HEAR ME? The idea is atrocious. I loved both my fiancée and my brother!’

‘But you didn’t love your instinct that they had a thing for each other, I take it.’ Ethan put in.

‘What are you blabbering, old man?’ Matthew spluttered in rage.

‘My, my, were you this enraged when you beat her up?’ Lyla narrowed her eyes, ‘What did she do, huh? Compare you to your quiet docile brother, whom you thought of as a spineless wreck? You knew he liked Jacie, and you stuck onto Jacie because you like seeing him in pain, isn’t it? You saw through his façade of joking around with her when he was dead serious, and you enjoyed every single moment.’



Matthew sat down with a thud. A vein throbbed on his forehead, and he clenched and unclenched his jaws repeatedly in an effort to calm himself.

‘Why did you hate your brother so much?’Harvey asked.

‘My brother was a spineless duck’ he replied, ‘I have never seen anyone else hesitate so much. He lost my respect long ago when he was unable to tell Cadi about his feelings. When I found out that he liked Jacie, I thought that maybe it would make him desperate enough to speak if he found out that he was going to lose her soon.’

He had shut his eyes, and was leaning on the desk. ‘But surprisingly, he didn’t do anything. Maybe if he had asked her seriously, she would have said yes, but she didn’t know the truth. Jacie was nothing if not committed. To egg him on, I asked to her to marry me. Then she fell sick. Morne was a tormented man. I could never marry Jacie, for I didn’t like her that way, and she was getting better each day. I couldn’t leave her when she was sick, and he…he was under the impression that we would get married as soon as she recovered.’

‘Things got to a head when he said that he wanted to go on a trip. Morne always had a suicidal streak in him, and I guessed that it was aggravated because Jacie and I were going to get married in the next month. I drove up there with her to explain the entire situation, and stop him from doing something foolish. I thought it would be better if I told her first. She refused to believe and clung on to me. I…I got angry…so angry. I pushed her away, and she fell down stairs.’

Lyla could see streaks of tears on his face, as he continued speaking, reliving that moment.

‘Morne rushed in with a revolver on hearing that. He didn’t know that we were coming that day, and thought that there were intruders again. He saw me crouching next to her…yelled at me for hurting her. He…he thought that I was trying to kill her. For the first time in my life, I saw Morne enraged, as angry as me. I told him to stop, but…but he fired twice at me. In self defence, I hid behind Jacie’s unconscious body. It hit her on the temple, the bullet. Morne…Morne was a crack shot.’

‘He sank to the floor as he saw it hitting her. He started crying, blaming me for slowly, painfully killing him inside all these years. I told him the truth. He shot two bullets in my direction savagely, and when he missed, he…he put it to his head, and…and…’

He was unable speak anymore as he hid his face in his hands and cried his heart out.

‘I killed him…’ he managed to say, ‘Oh God, I killed my own brother.’

‘Matthew Bailey’ Lyla stood up and pinned his hands behind him, ‘You are arrested under the charge of destruction of evidence and abetment of suicide of Morne Bailey and murder of Jacie Winger. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court…’

Sitting merely two feet away, Dr. Ethan Hunt pondered on how helping human actions could go awry with such severe consequences…

The End

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