A clean muzzle

‘Does the girl have any bruises on her body?’ Lyla asked as she marched into Ethan’s lab with a breathless Harvey on tow.

‘She was beat up bad before she got shot.’ Ethan replied, ‘I thought it was sexual assault, but the reports came clean. The boy had taken a hard punch on the solar plexus. Why do you ask?’

‘We found out that Matthew has a volatile temper.’Harvey said. ‘And with a frame of over six feet, he could have had done some damage.

‘Any proof that he might have done something here?’ Ethan adjusted his glasses on his nose.

‘I’ve applied for a warrant to check out the Senator’s gun collection for prints. It was a .22, wasn’t it?’ Lyla asked.

‘You won’t find prints.’ Ethan said, ‘This isn’t the work of a novice. Whoever picked up the gun from the crime scene knew where the gun came from, and probably kept it back, since it wasn’t found anywhere else. Just check which revolver has been recently used, for I have a feeling that they have all been cleaned.’



As soon as she saw the guns and revolvers, Lyla knew that Ethan’s guess was right—they had all been very recently cleaned. On an impulse, she picked up all of the three of the .22 revolvers on display. Two of them had not been cleaned properly, and even had some old gunpowder residue but the third one didn’t have a single speck of dust on it.

‘You want to take in the younger tyke for questioning?’Harvey whispered.

‘I’ll lock him in jail if that’s the last thing I do.’ Lyla replied through clenched teeth.

‘We don't have any concrete proof to nail him.’

‘It’ll come’ she said, ‘I didn’t do criminal psychology for fun. He’s dying to show off his work.’

The End

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