The Senator's Son

Dr. Ethan Hunt had been a Medical Examiner for the New York Police Department for several years now, and his newest case was nothing out of the ordinary. True, it wasn’t everyday that one got see a suicide-murder case, but this wasn’t his first. The new part, though, was the boy’s connections.

 The dead boy wasn’t much more than twenty-three years of age, and the girl was about a couple of years younger than he was. They were both found dead in the summer home of the Senator Bailey, the boy’s father. The case theory was simple—they had broken up after high school, and the girl, jealous at finding out later that the boy had moved on with little difficulty, had confronted him and shot him before shooting herself in the temple.

‘What have you got?’ his wife Detective Lyla Hunt asked as she hurried in with her partner Detective Harvey Morgan.

‘Nothing much’ he sighed, ‘It looks pretty straightforward to me.’

‘The x-ray reports show that the bullet in the girl’s head split into two’ Harvey said.

‘I’m more worried about the media.’ Ethan smiled dryly, ‘Senators’ kids don’t die every day.’

‘Yeah, about that’ Lyla said, ‘the media hasn’t been informed yet. Senator Bailey was shocked when we informed him. He said that Morne had left a note saying that he was going out with his friends for a brief trip to the mountains.’

‘Any idea about the girl?’

‘You may be right about the girl’ Harvey said laboriously, ‘she’s gotta be his ex-flame, but we have no idea who she is. I mean no previous criminal records, nothing of that sort.’

Ethan didn’t say anything; he was busy trying to extract the bullet shards from the girl’s temple. Harvey looked away—his aversion to dead bodies was famous in the department.

‘This isn’t a suicide-murder case’ Ethan’s face was stony as he suddenly stated.

‘What do you mean?’ Lyla asked, taken aback.

‘There are two separate bullets in her head, not two shards’ Ethan said as he dropped the two bullets onto a glass tray, ‘It is impossible to shoot yourself twice in the head if you’re trying to commit suicide. You got a double homicide here, Lyle.’

The End

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