Guns and a lead

The next day was downright tedious for Lyla. Senator Bailey kept on murmuring to himself in a disoriented fashion throughout his questioning and was unable to provide any coherent information. Mrs. Bailey was crying the whole day, and recounting her memories of her sons’ childhood. And on top of that,Harveywas down with a cold, and was more hindrance than help.

After lunchtime, all of Morne as well as Matthew’s closest friends were brought in for questioning. Lyla noticed that while the girls in Matthew’s group were sad for both Jacie and Morne, no one in the elder brother’s group of friends even knew the girl. They too, were unable to provide any extra information that could have had shed any extra information on the case.

The last girl to be called in was Cadi Downey, who had been a friend of both the brothers since childhood. After asking her the usual questions, Lyla asked her to describe Jacie in one word.

‘Committed’ she said instantly.

‘And why would you say that?’ Lyla asked, intrigued.

‘Why, don’t you know?’ Cadi looked strangely surprised, Morne hit on her a million times before she had depression, even before Matthew proposed to her, but she always gave him a wide berth. It was always Mattie for her, and she treated Morne as a friend. It had to be hard, though, I guess. If you knew Morne, you would also know how impossibly charming he was!’

Lyla was unable to speak for a few seconds. Could it be that Ethan was right? Had Morne had proposed one last time to be refused yet again?

‘Do you have anything else to add?’Harveyasked her on noticing Lyla.

‘Matt has anger management problems. Their father’s hobby is collecting guns, and I guess that’s where the gun from which they were shot was taken. And…’ she suddenly choked upon her words.


‘And Morne was my best friend.’ Cadi’s eyes glistened with unshed tears as she looked up, ‘He is incapable of doing something like this. He may have been crazy about Jacie, but he respected her wishes, and maintained distance. After the first time he got rejected, he hit on her in jest. Everyone knew that he meant no harm. I was the only one who knew that behind his jest and fun loving attitude, he was still hurting.’

The End

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