lies, lies and some more

‘Did your brother…um…Morne…uh…have any mental disabilities?’Harvey huffed as he spoke to Matthew alone in a questioning room.

‘No…no he didn’t’ he was obviously uncomfortable, ‘Actually, Jacie…you know, the girl, she…she was diagnosed with depression a month back. None of us knew why, but because of that, she kind of used to live in a parallel world sometimes. You know…we would talk about songs, and all of a sudden, she would just slip somewhere in her memory and she would start talking about her dead grandfather. You know what I’m saying?’

‘How did you know Jacie?’

‘High school friend.’ Matthew replied, ‘We grew up together, you know. How could I just turn my back on her when she needed my help the most?’

‘Were you…uh…’Harvey was extremely uncomfortable.

‘Physically involved?’ Matthew guessed and gave a short laugh, ‘What kind of a person do you take me for, detective? Jacie was mentally unstable. I could never do that to her.’

‘But there were plans…?’

‘Yes, we had planned to get married after she was cured. She actually agreed. You see, she sometimes realised that she was sick, and that is a huge plus point.’

‘What are you studying right now?’ Lyla asked, ‘You know, in university?’

‘Photojournalism’ he said, ‘Jacie was majoring in art history.’

‘Okay’ Lyla shut her notepad, ‘we’ll get back to you later.’



‘So?’ Lyla asked Ethan later, ‘You saw the questioning?’

‘Yeah’ He said, ‘One question though, ‘Why does he mourn more about a mad friend’s death than his own brother’s?’

‘Umm…because he was going to marry her?’ she made a face, ‘I can’t believe your stupidity sometimes. He seemed sincere though.’

‘Almost too sincere, don’t you think?’ Ethan gave a cryptic smile.

‘Hey, hey, hey—stop.’ Lyla cut in, ‘Just because I let you in all the details doesn’t mean you get so personally involved, alright. It's gonna be impossible for me to stay at home if you keep talking about the case all the time!’

Ethan laughed out loud at that. ‘Okay, but you just grill that brother well for me, would you?’

‘What’s your obsession with him?’ 

‘Just do it, would you?’


The End

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