Another dimension

Senator Bailey was fidgeting in his chair when Lyla and Harvey walked in. He stood up when Harvey introduced them.

‘Senator, do you recognise her?’ Lyla handed him a picture of the girl.

The senator visibly crumbled on seeing the picture. He opened his mouth several times to speak, but no words came out. Just then, the door opened, and Mrs. Bailey came in, supported by her younger son. She was barely able to walk, and her eyes were swollen and red.

‘Matthew Bailey’, the younger son introduced himself, and sat down next to his mother.

‘Mattie’ Senator Bailey whispered hoarsely, sliding the picture towards him.

Matthew’s eyes became as round as coins on seeing the photograph.

‘No way…didn’t she…it couldn’t have been her!’ he spluttered incoherently.

‘Do you recognise her?’Harvey asked.

‘She’s my fiancée!’ Matthew wailed in an agonised voice.


‘She’s his brother’s fiancée!’ Lyla said loudly as she strode into Ethan’s work area.

‘I thought so’ he said.

‘What do you mean by that?’

‘It IS a suicide-murder case’ he looked up at her, ‘but, the boy was the one who shot the both of them, not the girl. I found gunpowder residue on his arm.’

Lyla stood speechless for a few seconds, rooted to the spot.

‘I have a feeling that this guy was mentally unstable, and he loved her like crazy. But when he asked her to marry him, or something of that sort, she refused point blank and he shot her in rage.’

‘Okay…okay…alright’ Lyla sighed, ‘I’ll ask Matthew about this.’ And she turned and went out, weary.


The End

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