Recess has come to an end, let The Senate of Mind resume its duties.

Matters for consideration are as follows: Heart demands another lust purge; Time grants for piano practice over the next several weeks; Time grant for discussion with one Meg Evans; Time grant reduction for Personal Pluralities Committee (with emphasis upon Facebook Sector); The current state of Heart and any complications thereof.

The Senate of Mind shall now be seated.


Third Order: Heart demands another lust purge.

Speaker: It would seem that Heart has not given up its battle against lust.  As a result, it has been requested that yet another purge be put into effect.  How does the Senate find?

Senator 2: Sire, if I may, there is no use putting another purge into effect.  Heart is plagued regardless, Sire.

Senator 1: Sire, I beg to differ.  In the past, purges have significantly reduced the power of lust in relation to Heart.  Citizens are made happy by the purges, Sire.

Senator 3: Sire, I must second the former opinion.  Purges are not entirely effective, and the desired effect is only temporary, Sire.

Speaker: This decision shall be put to a vote.  A simple majority is required to pass or deny the proposed purge.  All in favor of the purge?

43 senators raise their hands (including the Speaker).

Speaker: All not in favor of the purge?

52 senators raise their hands.  5 senators refused to vote on this proposal.

Speaker: Then it is agreed that Heart's requested lust purge will not be granted. 

The Speaker stamps a piece of parchment before moving on.


Fourth Order: Time grants for piano practice over the next several weeks.

Speaker: The Emperor has expressed his concern for upcoming music school auditions.  He decrees that a time grant be alotted to piano practice for the amount of 4 to 5 hours each day over the next several weeks.  How does the Senate find?

Senator 1: Sire, "several weeks" could be construed as anywhere from 2 to 200 weeks.  May the Senate elicit an implied definition from the word "several", Sire?

Senator 2: Sire, as the Emperor holds music as one of the most important exercises in life, I propose that the definition of "several" should contain as many weeks as there are contained between today and the day of the first audition.  It would be a most wise decision, Sire.

Senators 1,3 and4: Here, here.

Speaker: I assume that the greatest obstacle to this statute would arise from the Personal Pluralities Committee. What do the members thereof hold?

Senator 5 (Committee Chair): Sire, the Committee is willing to compromise in order to satisfy the Emperor.  We shall convene on appropriations on a later date if necessary, Sire.

Other members of the Committee express their approval of the Chair's statement.

Speaker: Very well.  It is agreed that a time grant of 4 to 5 hours each day will be alotted for the advancement of piano expression from this date until the date of the first audition.  Is there unanimity in the Senate?

All: There is.


Quietly, the Emperor watches as the Senate carries on with its business.

The End

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