Fall 73rdyear-I am now living amongst the faerie tribe.  They have moved to a new clearing near a calming brook.  It took me a few seasons to locate them.  I fled that very night to save myself.  My few possessions I stowed in my cloak but before leaving I left my regards to my brother’s vile band by means of fire.  I still feel such anger towards them and wonder if I would be amiss should that burning building have contained it’s members.  I’ve never wounded a creature before it is all at once empowering and yet frightening.

Winter 73rdyear-So it seems the faeries have their prejudices as well.  Euphorium came to me, tears like dew in his her magnificent emerald eyes to relay the message of her tribe.  They are uneasy having a pixie among them , especially a pixie in my circumstance.  At least they do not frown on Euphorium visiting me often as I will transport myself to a nearby glade were I know she can find me.

The End

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