A Brothers Kindness

Winter 72ndyear-It seems my brother Sorrel still has an ounce of kindness left to him yet his act of benevolence only seems to enrage me more.  He came to me this evening with news of his vile band.  He expressed regret for the actions I’d taken and sadness that I would not repent yet out of tenderness from the camaraderie of our youth deigned to warn me of my fate.  Soon, perhaps tonight or tomorrow they are to capture and execute me by means of the flames that I find so soothing.

He expressed that my further actions were of my own accord.  I asked how if he had any vestige of love for me how he could allow this to happen?  He made no response but left me to my own decisions.  As my brother is among them I know I could not face the group alone successfully.  No one will dare stand with me.  I will flee, cowardly I know but it is my only chance to see my beloved Euphorium again.  Yet I won’t leave without some form of retaliation for their cruelty.

The End

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