The Coming Storm

Fall 72nd year-I can feel the disdain for me from those that bear hatred for the faerie kind like a storm cloud above my head.  My father and brothers are deaf and blind to my presence in the clan.  Those vile bands of bigots have used my tale of fraternization as propaganda to further their despicable cause. They twist my mind touching abilities to perversion.  I scarcely travel anywhere for the looks of scorn I receive.  Only to Hedera and and Clover’s for quick visits.  Otherwise I sequester myself to my room.  Luckily my little sister refuses to believe these lies and spends a good deal of time with me.  But I long to see Euphorium once again.

I know there will be some act of aggression against me.  I wonder if I ought to flee to be with my dear friend and live against the faeries.  And yet I feel I ought to stay and stand against the injustice.  We shall see.

The End

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