Bitter Sweet Reunion

Spring 72ndyear-My dear Euphorium has come to visit me but I’m afraid the reunion is bitter sweet.  I intercepted her at the edge of the forest so that I may conceal her presence.  The anti-faerie sentiment seems to be experiencing a revival amongst my clearing.  We made a vacation at Hedera and Clover’s dwelling who were courteous enough to give us a good deal of time to ourselves. 

I believe they must know of my fondness for Euphorium.  Clover exchanged many a wink with me when excusing herself from our presence so that she might assist Hedera in the garden or elsewhere.  I showed my dear friend all my favorite places amongst the forest, I even confessed my therapy of burning leaves.  It was dare I say a ‘magical’ time.  When she left me, to my delight, she ventured to kiss me upon the cheek.  It sent a most pleasant tingling sensation through my body.  My affections for Euphorium run deep and I hope I am not fooling myself that she returns such affections.

When I returned to the clearing rumors were circling and my brother met me with much aggression.  He dashed me across the cheek and I fell to the ground as he admonished my associating with a faerie.  I tried to defend myself and my friend, to provide an explanation but he would have none of it.  He had no heart to listen to me.  Now I am anxiously waiting for the retribution that may come as the consequence of my actions.

The End

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