Wayward Wanderings

Fall 71styear-I fear Sorrel is heading down a dastardly path in his life.  I have spent little time with him since our tending but I see how he has changed.  A fortnight ago he came into my room unannounced.  I scrambled to cover my bare arms and legs with my cloak but I was not quick enough, He spied my faerie markings.  “You heathen,” he spat at me “I know what those are; they are vile inscriptions the faeries use to attack creatures.”  I was unable to explain myself before he had stormed off. 

He hasn’t spoken to me hence though I’ve tried to engage him.  And now I’ve learned that he has joined a band of young pixies calling themselves the Morxauxaun*, a foul appellation to identify oneself with.  I fear there’s little I can do to dissuade his passion.

*Morxauxaun- Pixie dialect of Sylvan; colloquialism meaning Faerie defiler (untranslatable).

The End

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