A Blossoming Friendship

Winter 70thyear- Our tending has come to a close.  Sorrel and I have returned home to our clan. They held a warm and welcoming feast in our honor.  Hedera and the lovely Clover were in attendance yet I find myself almost missing my isolation. So many pixies, so many minds and emotions to detect, it is overwhelming.  The welcoming was not unpleasant though.  My mentor and her partner presented Sorrel and I with enchanted gifts made by their hands.  Mine was a beautiful burgundy cloak which I was instructed to wear often as it will serve as an effort of protection. 

I know that Sorrel is overjoyed to be back among our people once again but emotions do not affect him as they do me.  I’ve seen little of him since our return and I find myself feeling lonely.  I long for my faerie friend Euphorium.

Summer 71styear- I have gone to visit my dear Euphorium.   Her warm countenance is rejuvenating.  I stayed many days with her as the destination is a ways from my clan and we got on so well.  I met her amongst the company of her tribe who are not her kinsmen.  Apparently the faeries are a largely nomadic organization and when they reach their mid-seasons are encouraged to join with another tribe.  Euphorium’s tribe has been in this glade for a few seasons yet I learned they might be moving on soon.  I was saddened by the prospect of not being able to return.

The Faeries were a bit taken aback with my presence at first.  I sensed a great anxiety amongst them but they accepted me well enough.  The dialect of the Faeries can be rough and short, especially among the elders but they’re language is very much the same.  I admit to being guilty of curiosity concerning their ways considering the barbaric legends I’d heard as a child; such hideous instances as faeries luring humans to their deaths, ruining crops and stealing infants.

I did not broach the subject however out of propriety and tried to make inferences from observation yet an opportunity arose while we were dining.  I served myself stew from the communal pot; for such is the style that faerie tribes dine, only filling the bottom of the bowl to not appear greedy or to overstep their hospitality.  The hostess, an old woman with wings like rice paper and skin like parchment ushered me to take more saying, “ There’t no child of us, we’ve food bunches, eat, have s’more.”  I pounced on the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity and inquired whether Faerie children require so much nourishment?

“Nay” was the answer but human children do and so I learnt the truth behind the legend of changelings.  You see it is it is true that faeries steal away human infants in the night and replace them with their own but the purpose is not that of malice or amusement.  When there is an Faerie child in a tribe strong and weaned, at this point the size of a human infant, and a nearby human child is ill they will take away the child to nurse it.  Knowing that the loss of a child to be greatly distressing they replace the infant with their own kin.  It is a great sacrifice and a pity that the tradition has taken on such a negative reputation.

On my visit I also acquired an interesting item, if you can classify it as such.  It is a faerie tradition to imbue travelers with protective markings upon their skin.  I’m not entirely sure of their nature but I was instructed that should I be in danger to tap the marking.  I rather like them; they serve to remind me of Euphorium.  I know not what my brother will think of them; most likely he will dislike them, so I shall keep them hidden under my cloak for the time being.

The faeries at least of my acquaintance seem good people and it is a pity the pixies have vilified them.  I do not wish to comment on the war, yet regardless of the outcome all creatures of sentient intelligence ought to be treated with respect unless proven unworthy.  And so I am saddened to leave my friend yet she must return my affections for her as she has promised to come and visit me when she can arrange it!

The End

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