The Tending

Winter 55thyear-The tending has been going well and we are often busy.  Sorrel and I spend so much time together I scarcely have time to make jottings in this book.  I have gained a far more complex understanding of emotions.  Where Pixies’ minds flutter between thoughts and feelings with alacrity humans thoughts are more heavy and sluggish.  They have a tendency to dwell on emotions.  I have even observed them performing rash behaviours motivated by such feelings.

There was a little boy a week ago who wandered away from the safety of his village.  The weather was inhospitable as it is in this season and I feared for his life.  I took the guise of a dog, large enough to traverse the harsh conditions but with soft fur and colorful markings enough to be attractive to the child.  The child quickly related according to my plan ambling towards me to touch my fur excitedly. Having thus engaged him I led him back into the village where he may be found.

I intended to leave before anyone had caught sight of me but alas I was spied a woodsman at his trade.  I was rewarded for bringing the child home but had to endure such accolades as befitted a creature of lesser intelligence and base motivators.  I spent a night sleeping on the floor in front of the hearth, eating table scraps out of politeness.  Such terribly heavy food the humans eat although I do like their cheese.  I had a bit of a stomachache when I returned to Sorrel and I’s clearing outside the village.

Sorrel too has had a bit of an adventure.  He regaled me just this morning with the news that  while he was gathering grains on the East side of the village  he spotted what appeared to be a tribe of pixies.  We’ve decided to investigate and perhaps befriend them when the weather clears.  Sorrel is a wonderful companion yet it can be tedious seeing only a single individual with which to interact every day.


Spring 55thyear- Sorrel and I have just returned from the East of the village and have made a startling discovery.  The group dwelling there is not that of pixies but faeries!  Sorrel was outraged by their existence but they don’t appear to be malevolent and I’ve managed to calm him for the time being.  Despite the legends of their misdeeds they do not look the evil barbaric creatures we were taught as children.   Their features are a twinge darker and their ears more embonpoint  yet aside from the presence of fantastic iridescent wings they look very much akin to pixies.

The End

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