The Selected Thoughts of Phylloxera Nimblewill Salamandine

Phylloxera Nimblewill Salamandine is a Pixie from a noble clan living in a time of bigotry and prejudice against the faeries. When she befriends a young faerie woman she is challenged with what she stands for in this world.

The Selected Thoughts of Phylloxera NimblewillSalamandine

Translated from Sylvan to The Common Language





 BY Phylloxera NimblewillSalamandine

Translated and Edited: by Alexandria Joy

Spring of my 52ndyear-It is always advisable to begin at the source of things and so for the sake of posterity I suppose I ought to commence with my own.  I was born in the season of Benevolent Supremacy at the close of the Faerie wars.  My father Master Nimblewill fought bravely in the war and raised my siblings and I to be proud and capable in order that if such aggression were to again become a reality we would be an asset to our Clan, the Noble Nimblewill’s, and to our race the Pixies.

I have an average sort of family I suppose comprised of three sisters and seven brothers as well as my myriad of clansman aunts, uncles and cousins.  My eldest sister Stellaria is the most annoying of all.  She is the first born of our generation and she bares the privilege with haughty pride that my father misinterprets for confidence.  She is beautiful, yes with eyes like a clear deep pond and hair the brilliant gold of a starshine flower, unlike my plain straight wispy white strands.  She is tall also for a lady, standing a head taller than the average WipperFrond but this I do not envy her, it suits me to be small and able to observe others unnoticed.

She is terribly cruel to me.  My mother says I ought to look to her as my elder sister for guidance through my middle seasons as she is already a woman.  Yet when I seek her advice I’m met with slighted comments that are meant to affront me.  When I asked how I ought to adorn my hair for attendance to her union gala she replied with a typical off-putting remark which I shall recount here to attest to her maltreatment of me.  She said, “Well there isn’t much you can do with that straggly hair of yours little Lox but if you wore something with darker petals it may benefit your dimmed complexion by making it appear brighter.”  True my skin is darker than hers because I do not see fit to stay under the shades of leaves all day and only deign to leave the depths of the forest to mesmerize an innocent human traveler with that beguiling dance of hers.

She will be joining the eldest son of the Oxalis clan, Traxicum is his namesake and I will be forever in his debt for relieving me of my sisters company.  I suppose it is of little consequence as my younger brother Woodsorrel and I will be beginning our mid seasons tending at the next turn of the season and I may see my clan little hence. 

I am glad my brother Sorrel shares my mind touching ability as he is likely my most favorite person on the world.  We share the same mentor; she is a wise old pixie by the name of Hederacea.  She spent many years hidden amongst the humans in seasons before the war.  Perhaps it is for this reason that she has chosen a similar situation for my brother and I’s tending.  All pixies of mid seasons use their abilities to aid the humans.  For girls it often takes the form of tending crops and gardens, for boys it is tricking and punishing those with cruel natures and overwhelmed by greed.  Sorrel and I will remain hidden amongst a human village in order to observe them and better understand their minds.

I admit I am a little frightened at the prospect as Faeries have been rumored to live in the surrounding glades but I will have Sorrel with me and mentor Hedera and the lovely young woman she has entered a union with, Clover, will be joining us on occasion.

Before I retire I ought to explain my surname Salamandine.  Every pixie has a unique surname of course in addition to that of their clan but some don’t achieve this until far later in life, my brother Woodsorrel has yet to take one but I became Phylloxerra Nimbewill Salamandine the night I burnt a pier of leaves in the forest to such an extent it’s smoke reached the tips of the forest canopy and it’s tendrils touched the houses of our clearing. 

I can’t say quite why I did it.  I was angry I recall, terribly angry and feeling unable to lash out at those who would have caused my emotions I sought to express them privately.  I am often angry I suppose, my father often reminds me that my head ought to be a fiery red to match my temper but I am only angered by the injustice in the world and my own inability to express myself.  Sorrel tells me if so and so makes you angry than just tell them but it isn’t quite so simple, if I were to sadden or anger someone by sharing my feelings with them I would feel every bit of their emotions in addition to my own.  The severity of it is often unpleasant and I cannot bear to bring ill feelings upon people. 

So I burnt dead leaves in the forest.  The effect was strangely soothing and I allowed myself to indulge in the behavior.  Sparks were carried by the wind and I feared to start a forest fire.  The sparks reached the dwelling of Hedera, whom I had as of then been little acquainted.  The hut took fire and was badly but not fatally damaged and when she’d put a stop to it came to my aid.  I was bound to her then for some time in order to pay the debt from her damaged abode yet the time spent laboring was not a punishment.  Hedera was kind and understanding.  She advised me that fire may be a great tool for me and my emotions but to mind I kept it contained.  In jest I was called after the fire lizard by my brothers, peers and my new found friend Hedera and took the name as my own.  Soon after this she offered to take my brother and I under her tutelage.

Now I shall retire but I venture to guess I will write again soon as my midseason’s are promised to be a time of great change and eventfulness.

The End

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