The Seige of Zortia

a two part fantasy seige battle taking place in the capitol city of my created world. It's fun!

The rain fell from the sky and slanted across the field. Drops fell like liquid ice, chilling both the air and the steel armor covering Varimor’s body. He stood atop the stone wall; the only defense between the city of Zortia, and the advancing enemy. The frozen breath of four thousand men rose from the walls, and ground, like a cloud of fog, and at times made it harder to see what was ahead. With an opposing force three times the size of his own, Varimor had to try hard not to look nervous in front of the soldiers.  He knew that bravery needed to take place of numbers for this battle. The sound of marching armored feet could be heard off in the distance, and it began to echo through Varimor’s helmet. Archers standing in rows next to him trembled, constantly looking at the man standing next to him as if for help. Torches sizzled as the freezing water splashed down on them. From the sword-armed men guarding the immense wooden gate, to the archers and guards on the wall, all the way to the soldiers guarding the palace itself, not a single soul was at ease.

            “Look!” cried one of the lookouts from atop the gatehouse, who was pointing far off in the distance. Varimor gazed out onto the field, through the fog and rain, and caught a glimpse of torches marching toward them. A row of them reached out into the sky, lighting an unseen siege tower.

            “Draw your bows!” Phalix, who commanded the archers, shouted at the top of his lungs. The sound of hundreds of arrows being pulled from quivers, and bowstrings pulling back followed his call. It was now official; the battle for the very protection of Zortia had begun.

            The advancing army could now be seen, and the clanging of armor and weapons grew louder. Muffled Capricorn grunts could be heard over the splashing of rain on steel, and the very sight of their menacing horned helmets sent a shiver down Varimor’s spine. Never before had he seen so many in one gathering, let alone armed from top to bottom.

            Finally, there was a loud crunch of metal as the army stopped marching closer, and there was a brief moment of relief. Tiring archers began to shake their arms rapidly while trying to keep there massive bows straight, still waiting for the order to let go. Varimor glanced at Phalix who was also waiting, and nodded his head. “Loose!” Those in the front lines of the Capricorn army lifted their shields at the sound of whistling arrows to defend themselves, but not to any avail. The great power of the Zortian bows sent the arrows down at tremendous speeds, piercing their wooden shields and armor easily. Many were felled instantly or were thrown back into the soldiers behind them, while others stood their ground, wincing at the pain. Varimor smiled slightly at the sight of falling enemy soldiers, but after realizing the rather small indentation the volley had left in their ranks, it faded away.

            The four great siege towers slowly started rolling towards the walls, and a shift could be seen in the enemy ranks as archers made their way towards the front lines. “Draw your bows!” was heard again coming from the wall, and almost simultaneously an echoing bleat was heard on the field, and both armies’ archers pulled back their bows. “Shields!” Varimor cried as a stream of arrows could be seen whirling towards them. He himself, along with the men below the wall, raised their shields high in defense. Just as the Zortian archers let their arrows fly, they were pelted with the enemy’s, and unlike the rest, had no way of defending themselves. Along with the sound of arrow heads bouncing off of steel shields came the even louder one of men shouting and briefly screaming. Archers began to fall everywhere, some even toppling off of the wall. Blood sprayed onto Varimor’s breastplate as an arrow pierced the neck of a man standing next to him. When the onslaught had temporarily stopped he lowered his shield and took a look around. The outcome was not as terrible as it sounded, and it seemed as though the men on the ground level made it through unscathed. 

Siege towers were temporarily halted as the soldiers pushing them had been shot down, and enemy reinforcements rushed to fill empty posts. Varimor squinted into the slanting rainfall and noticed the front lines shifting about as great cages were brought forth. At first it was unclear as to what they contained, but this was changed with a group of loud menacing roars. Varimor’s fears were realized as they were wheeled closer alongside the siege towers. Great flightless dragons, or Dulgors, clamored about inside of them and snapped at the cage walls. Their ominous growls and roars made Varimor and his men more uneasy then they had been before.

“Take out the beats!” Cried Phalix to the archers, and scattered waves of arrows were sent down upon them. Through the shouts and screams of Capricorn soldiers meeting their deaths, a faint command could be heard, and once more Varimor and those who could, raised their shields in defense. A sharp pain leapt through his arm as an arrow struck hard against his shield, leaving a deep indentation.

The arrows shot at the Dulgor cages seemed to have little or no affect on the monstrous lizards, as many simply glanced off of their thick green scales. Dismayed by the attempt, Phalix turned and snatched a box from a soldier standing next to him, along with an arrow from the man’s quiver. He drew if back as far as his arms would let him, and sent the arrow flying towards the cage nearest him. There was a short squeal as the arrow hit its mark, straight through the beast’s eye. Varimor turned his head to Phalix and gave him a look of disbelief. Quickly facing back towards the field, Varimor was just in time to see one of the massive cages start creaking open. As enemy soldiers clambered about the outside of the cage in an attempt to escape, a Capricorn archer heavily clad in armor stepped out from the line and drew his bow. Attached to the end was what appeared to be a large piece of bloody meat. The cage door slammed to the muddy ground with a splash and the Dulgor within lumbered out onto the battlefield, growling and snapping at the surrounding Capricorns. Capricorn flesh was undesirable to the fastidious monsters, so naturally they made excellent companions and laborers for them.   Varimor ducked as the meat-laden arrow flew passed his head, over into the streets below.

The End

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