The Seer

I wrote this while sitting in a cafe, eating lunch. I saw a lady with special needs and, although I hadn't wrote anything in quite a while - plus I hardly ever tend to write in public like that - she just inspired me, so I went ahead and wrote about her. Just a short story. :)

Her eyes were pools of dark water, cool and mesmerising. It was difficult not to lose yourself in their mysterious depths. Flecks of light floated around in the darkness, like lost fireflies trying to find their way home before the dawn found them drifting. Her pink velvet tracksuit hung off her frame, no small feat as she was well-protected against the cold in the most natural of ways. Her plump lips were slack, crumbs scattered on their surface like ants on a donut. Her food sat practically untouched, her macaroni only missing a few spoonfuls as it cooled in the autumn air. She stared into the distance, almost as if her mind was in another world, conversing with beings too good for the likes of ignorant humans. I wondered what she saw in that otherworld, and felt like asking her if I could join her there, she what she sees and hear what she hears.But before I could approach her, her carer touched her arm, interrupting her reverie. Her macaroni looked on silently as she walked away, leaving it uneaten. I returned to my own meal and picked at it, ignoring the willowy lady who came to take the dark-eyed seers food away.

The End

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