The Seer

Magic starts to take its place in the world again.

A phone was ringing. Its mechanical trill repeated mercilessly in the dark space of a large empty corner office with tall windows that showcased the night time New York City skyline below.  

The office was strangely empty, no books or pictures on the shelves; the heavy, polished mahogany desk was cleared except for the large black office phone in the middle. A tall, black leather office chair stood perfectly centered behind the desk. The red light on the telephone blinked as the ringing stopped and the call went to voicemail. 

"Is someone there?" a man's voice whispered through the crackling static from the speaker. "We have a code zero emergency. The keeper is dead, and the gate is wide op-"

The voice was replaced by a wave of louder static and the message ended with a long beep.

Silence descended on the empty room. The little red light on the phone continued to blink. 

The End

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