She saw her Mother.Mature

This latest vision stayed with her throughout the day. Something in her mind would not let her think of anything else. Even after she and her father ate dinner and washed up, it still kept flashing before her eyes. As soon as she can, she leaves her father and hides in her room to think over this new vision.

A red haired woman, tall and lean. Her face was a mess of lines, and it was clear there was something deeply bothering the woman. Yet, for all that, there was something beautiful and....perhaps familiar about this woman.  But this woman does not stay put for long. Almost as soon as the vision starts, the face disappears as she scans the area around her. Then, she is gone, leaving the spot where she stood empty. As Charlotte replayed the vision over and over in her head, she took in every detail. By the third or fourth time, she notices a street sign on the corner. But, almost as soon as she focus upon it, two men enter the scene. They are dressed like businesses men, dark suits and large briefcases, and after talking for a moment, both stare off into the direction the woman disappeared. Then they themselves go away. Thus the vision ends.

"Hey.....sweetheart?" Calls her father from the next room. "I....I need to talk to you about something. Could you.....come here for a sec?"

Reluctantly, Charlotte sets aside her vision. "Coming dad!" She shouts back. As she stands up to leave the room and turn out the light, she happens to look through the curtain. On the street below her door a man, dressed like the ones from her vision to a T, stands stock still on the side walk. Charlotte tries to dismiss it as a coincidence, after all, New York is....well, New York. Its big and there are a lot of people. She shakes her head and leaves the room.

Her father is sitting on their couch in the next room. He smiles sadly at her as she sits next to him and he begins to speak. 

"Charlotte....i don't really know how to say this, but....I think you should" He takes a deep breath, preparing himself. "Today, at work-"

Suddenly, Charlotte has another vision. It is a short one, and unlike most of them, it is very fuzzy and unclear. Her father looks much younger, and is sitting on the same couch. Next to him is the woman. They both look extraordinaraly happy. Then it ends.  

The End

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