She saw Nathan's marriage.Mature

His voice echoed through the bare entry room of their lovely New York apartment, with Charlotte frozen in the center of the room, wide eyes staring at Nathan. Nervousness gnawed at every corner as Nathan approached the teenager before setting his box of office supplies on a small, and frankly, very old couch. "Charlotte?" He repeated, tripping over his loafers while coming to his daughter's side. "Is everything alright?" He asked, looking into her blank stare.

Of course Nathan knew she was psychic. She was his daughter for crying out loud, and these two had their fair share of bonding. Nathan was not that dead-beat dad, though they did seem to live like he was, in a run-down apartment, where you could smell the dust in the air. It was all he could afford at the moment, being a single-father and keeping up with Charlotte. She definitely kept him on his toes, though he knew exactly what would happen to her if she went public with her gifts. They would take her in. They would open her up and dissect her brain. It wasn't a pretty picture, which just made Nathan all the more weary about her whereabouts. 

Charlotte blinked a few times as reality pulled her back in. "Nathan?" She retorted back. "What's up?" Thoughts flooded her mind, as she wasn't too sure about revealing to Nathan that she saw the beautiful white gown, and himself dressed to the nines in a black tuxedo. The bride was radiating, blonde hair just like herself curled to a perfection. The groom was nervous. It was obviously so, but he was also happy. Very, very happy. 

The smile soon faded as Nathan repeated his question. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine dad!" She crossed her arms, and plopped onto the couch, which emitted dust particles everywhere. "I just had another vision is all." She leaned back, and found Nathan right behind her. 

"And...?" Nathan's voice became strict, firm, authoritative.

"Well..." Charlotte's squeaky voice told Nathan something was different with this one. He perked up. This was either very bad or very good. "I saw you and mom. You were getting married." An innocent smile played across her face. 

The End

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