The Seeing PooleMature

This is nothing more than a story about a teenage girl who can see bits and pieces of the future. She is often rather confused by this, and makes her best attempt to use her ability to help others. Life is pretty dang sweet until she sees something a mite grimmer than than her usual visions.

Apartments in New York city are the worst. If someone could choose to have an apartment anywhere in the world, the last place they would choose is The Big Apple. It's not that those apartments are grimy, or have terrible landlords. It would be terrible to classify every apartment in a city as terrible for those reasons. The real reason why New York apartments were terrible could be attributed to their price.

This didn't bid well for the Poole family. When someone heard the word "Family", they could usually assume it was a family of three people or more. Two people usually didn't make up a family, simply because society said it didn't. Two people who were related to each other were either labeled as a couple, an unfortunate single mother and her child, or in this case; a single father and his teenage daughter. The Father in this family was the primary source of income. Was. He had just been laid off. This event led to the realization about why apartments in New York were absolutely terrible places to live.

Charlotte Poole, the daughter in the family, had no idea that her Father had been fired from his office. However, she did know that he had picked up bread on the way home, and had nearly walked into a lamp post after crossing the street. He had also forgotten his glasses at home that day. Despite what you may think, Charlotte was not all observant. She had a curious gift, one that granted her the ability to see pieces of the future. The future was in pieces. Every pathway and every outcome was divided into shattered bits of glass that stretched endlessly across the plane of time. Looking for a single shard in an ocean of broken glass was a difficult task. Instead of searching, Charlotte Poole often let the pieces rain down upon her. She let the jagged pieces scratch and cut her, and smiled softly when the pleasant ones glanced off her mind and gave her peace.

One particularly sharp vision that missed her was the one that reflected the sour image of her Father collecting his office belongings in a box, and stepping out of the imposing building for the last time in his life.

Another vision hit her square in the face.

It was one of tumultuous emotions, and jaw-dropping events. Charlotte's flat gaze bore into the wood grain of the white doorway to her room. Her lips pressed together in thought as she tried to dig deeper. The vision slipped away as quickly as it had swung in.


Nathan was home, and as usual, there was a tinge of panic in his voice.

The End

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