The Secrets of AgentsMature


“You—” he exhaled. “You're a clone.”

Her brow furrowed, but she was defiant. “What does that change?”

“You always played the part so perfectly. So effortlessly. You could convey anything you wanted with a look. The emotion; it was so genuine. Hell, half the time you had me fooled we were that stupid sightseeing little couple. It was all a game. You're just a machine.”

“I don't care what you thought was a lie. That's our job. But whatever you thought I was, whatever you thought I felt, it's the same as it was five minutes ago. Whatever things I did, looks I conveyed, whatever; you knew exactly who I was up to this point. If that's how you define me, how does that change anything between us?

“You lied to me. You let me believe that I could trust you; that I knew you; that you were human.”

“What the hell, Marco? Lied to you? Look at us. I had good reason to keep this from you. I guess I thought our candle-lit conversation would just be better off.” The sarcasm came creeping in. She took a step toward him but he hoisted a gun to eye-level.

His hands were shaking. He couldn't decide if the look on her face was in fact betrayal or just disappointment. The look on her face.

She watched his finger curl around the trigger and then squeeze it with decisive finality. The resulting click made her flinch, but nothing else happened. Despite the erratic trembling of the gun, it never left her face. “Get out,” he said with wide eyes.

The words never assembled into a comprehensive sentence in her ears.

“Get out of my house!” He bellowed. “Get out!”

She cleared the apartment in a few large steps and snapped the door shut behind her, not daring look back. Pressed against the door, she scarcely breathed until her stomach lurched. She needed out. Her shoulder skidded against the wall as she navigated down the stairwell. The echoes up the spiraling tower reminded her of a tomb and it was there she slid down the wall, the dank corner her only refuge. There was only one reason she was alive, and it wasn't the man she entrusted her life to.   

The End

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