The Secrets Of A Love Story

It's not always as it seems.


I see you.

You're with your friends, totally oblivious to my stare. You're long black hair is swaying with every step you take, shining off the fluorescent light. Your smile seems to be glued to your face, as someone retells a story. I don't get how you can be so happy, all the time. You brighten up my day as if you're my own personal sunshine. I love this.

Suddenly your pale green eyes meet mine, and I see a rosy blush appear on your cheeks. I smile at you, happy you finally noticed. You smile back at me, then continue walking on.

I know you like me. It's obvious, from all the time we've spent together. I know you and you know me.

I recognize your feelings for me but I have to say,

I see you just as a friend.

The End

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