A Cold Day

Two adolescent siblings share a deep secret within.

If one of them breaks the secret, it's over for them. Will they be able to keep a massive secret from anyone?

The week had just ended with a warm Friday to a cold Saturday. A young girl at the age of 14, named Caroline Gregson preferred to be isolated in her room because she felt like the rest of her family wasn't anything compared to her. Her older brother, Alexander Gregson preferred nothing more than playing games on his small, black coloured consoles and watching football shows on television every single day. Same with the parents. Every night, Caroline would sob in her room, shedding tears and constantly wiping them off with her sleeves since nobody cared for her. Not even parents... 

For a moment, Caroline thought about talking with Alexander for once. Maybe he wouldn't tell her to get lost like the past few years. So, Caroline silently walked out of her room and crept into her brother's room. In there, he was so quiet. Unlike the past few years of him yelling of laughing loudly every morning, noon and night. Caroline slowly opened the door and said, "Alex..." She saw him studying on his table, for once. Caroline never saw him do any of this. "CAROLINE! Wh- What are you doing in here?! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!" He shouted, feeling like his privacy was being invaded by his little sister. "Alex... Why do you tell me... To get out of your room all the time...? Just... What kind of family am I living in? You still haven't changed from the moment I first walked into your room just to say hello. I was only 7 years old. Then, you told me to get out... Maybe, I shouldn't live in this family with people that hardly spend time with me. Their true definition... is selfishness. All of you... Mom, dad... YOU. I wish you were never in my life and I wish I never existed or appeared in your eyes. Not once was I able to play or talk with you in my lifetime. I'd rather live alone in a forest." Caroline gave up on living in this miserable family and walked off when all of a sudden...

"Caroline..." Alexander appeared behind her and hugged her very tightly. His tight grip was warm and loving. But it's so hard to believe he would do that. "Alex...! What are you...?" 
"I'm so sorry... I wish I was a better brother before... I wish I could erase every bad thing I've done to you that I regret... I don't want you to go... I just waited for a time... I could say this to you... and now should be the time... I love you and... It pains me to see you leave... I promise you, Caroline... I will be a better and caring brother than any other older sibling a younger sibling has..." 
Caroline felt like accepting his solemn and genuine apology. "It's... I can't believe this right now... I've never felt like this before..." 
"It's my fault. I never should have treated you the way I treated you before... That's why you're so used to it." 

The End

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