The secret war

set in 2010, a young girl discovers, after her father's death that there are gangs out to get her, and finds herself in the middle of a deathly war.

Emma screamed as flames spat out of the woman's torch and almost chocked as the smell of her father's singed flesh swept over her. Crouched at the top of the staircase, Emma pulled the sleeve of her blue, striped pyjamas over her hand and pressed it desperately angainst her nose and mouth to block the terrible smell of burning flesh coming from the kitchen below. She was too scared to run, but that had been the last thing her father had instructed her to do before he'd left for birmingham the week before.

'Emma, I want you to listen to me, If anything eve happened to me, just run, run and you'll be found eventualy, promise me that you'll do it,'

'what, dad, I...'

'just promise Emma'

'OK, i promise'

She hadn't understood, her father, a journalist, what was there to worry him that badly? to make him suspect even, that something might happen to him?

It took two days for her curiosity to get to her. Late that night, after her au-pair had gone up to bed, Emma had sneaked along the deeply carpeted hallway into her father's office. She hesitated as her hand stroked the cold metal of the golden doorknob ,on it's dark, mahogony entrance. It had been years since Emma had dared venture into the mysterious, forbiddon room, her father spent days locked up in there, on occasions, only coming out for mealtimes, when he'd been distant and thoughtful. She'd forgotton how it looked, how big it was, what colour the walls were...She shook her head, angry at herself, confused, she felt as if she were intruding on her father's privicy, yet he was hundreds of miles away. I am going to go in there, she told herself defiantly. The door swung inwards and Emma stepped into the room.

She looked around her, taking in the large room with it's green walls and mahogony furniture. Most dominating was the large, ornately carved desk in the centre of the room, underneath which was a collection of filing cabanites and draws and topped with a state of the art computer which Emma had seen as the delivery men deposited it downstairs, in the foyer.

The End

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