chapter no.6- can it get any worse?

Ellie is at history class. She's really bored. Finally the ring belled!

Ellie took her sandwich and get out from the class. She went to Nikiri's class, but after few seconds, she remembered the fight she had with Nikiri in the beginning of the day.

So she went to the back yard. She looked at the other kids: having fun with their friends, laughing, talking, and Ellie felt lonelier to look at this.

She sat on the old bench. She saw a few kids pointing at her and giggles. In this point, she was broken inside. She wanted to run away and cry, but if she'll do that she'll be the big joke of the school.

She thought to herself: "where is Nikiri right now?" she looked around, and then she saw the saddest thing she ever saw. Nikiri sat on the new, big bench, and she was surrounded with kids. Ellie never saw Nikiri so happy before: she was laughing, talking and everyone around her looked exactly like her.

In that moment, she thought that her life is a nightmare. But the situation became really bad, when the boys soccer ball hit her head. She started to feel really dizzy, and she passed out. She heard some kids giggling, and the boys saying that their sorry but they also started to laugh.

And then she heard the principal saying: stop laugh everyone! Leave this girl alone!" Then she heard the kids leaving to their classes. She started to feel dizzy, so she passed out again.

She woke up at the nurse's room and saw a kid smiling at her and saying: "finally, you woke up!"    

The End

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