chapter no.5- what friendship means?

When Ellie woke up from her second sleep, it was really late.

She heard and saw MR. monger: "finally you woke up. You'll late to school, hurry up!

"Ok …" said Ellie."Wait! Can I ask you something MR. Monger?"

"Of course you can! What is your question?" said MR. Monger.

"Do you feel confused sometimes? And If you do, what do you do to find your answers?" said Ellie.

"Oh Ellie. You're such a bright kid. When you're confused, you need to follow you heart... because after all, you're the person that knows yourself the best dear..." said MR. Monger in a soft, relaxing voice.

"I get it. Thank you so much MR. Monger! You're the best!" said Ellie and hugged MR. Monger.

"You welcome honey. I'm always here for you". Said MR. Monger.


When Ellie came to school, she didn’t say hello to Nikiri.  She listened to MR. Monger's advice: she followed her heart.

When Nikiri came towards Ellie saying:" good morning. How are you? Still thinking about the childish map? Listen, I think we should leave the whole deal behind. I have an idea! Let's go to the mall today!"

Ellie said to Nikiri: "you know what? Before I found the map, all I wanted was to go to the mall, gossip and have fun. But when I found the map, I realized that I need to do thing that has a meaning, or reason. I feel like I'm Unnecessary in this world! Those lives that we live, they don’t have any value."

 Nikiri is starting to get angry: "did you just insult my life's meaning?!  I don’t understand you any more, Ellie! What do you want us to do, save the world?! We're not the Prime minister! You are starting to act like a childish nerd. Who's interested at silly maps?! We're not at Kindergarten anymore!"

Many students started to stare at Ellie and Nikiri's fight. They even giggled and gossiped about the girls.  

Ellie is also angry:" you are the childish one! Teens in our age have the abilities to do helpful things! But you are too lazy to get out from the mall and help! How about this, find another best friend that will go with you to the stupid mall, because I'm formally giving up on our friendship right now!"

"Great!" said Nikiri. "I wanted to do this a while ago!"

The girls went each to her way. Ellie didn’t fell so good this day. Cause after all, Nikiri was her best friend….  


The End

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