chapter no.4- silly map?...

 "OMG!!" said Nikiri after Ellie told her about the secret map.

"I know!" said Ellie, "but what should I do with it? Should I follow the map?"

"Of course you should! I'll come with you!" said Nikiri happily.

 "OH thank you Nikiri. You're such a good friend!" said Ellie.

Ellie and Nikiri hugged.

"I really need to go home, I'll talk to you later!" said Nikiri.

"Ok, bye!" said Ellie while she waved Nikiri goodbye.


Later that day, when Ellie was home, she studied the map a bit.

She saw that the map directions are matches to the places that she knew well. Actually, it was the places that Ellie visits every day!

She thought to herself:" I can do this. This could be a once in a live experience, and maybe there is a treasure and I'll be filthy rich!"

That night, she almost didn’t sleep. Because she worked on the plan in her head….


Next morning, she couldn’t wait to tell Nikiri the plan at school, so she dialed her. She even didn’t care that it was early in the morning…

"Hello?" she heard Nikiri's voice beyond the phone. It was obvious that Ellie woke her up.

"Nikiri, you'll not believe it! I worked on the whole plan last night! First, we will…"

"Ellie, what plan? What are you talking about?" Nikiri stopped Ellie.

"What do you mean? I'm talking about the secret map!" said Ellie with a quiet giggle.

"UHH Ellie, you're taking the whole situation way too far. I'm starting to think that somebody tricked us." Said Nikiri.

"What? But you were totally in to this yesterday, what happened?" said Ellie in a Disappointed voice.

"I know, but don’t you think it's kind of stupid? I do. Listen, we will talk at school. It's really early right know, and I need my beauty sleep". Said Nikiri.

"Ok. Good night…." Said Ellie in a sad voice.

Ellie came back to her bed, very contemplative. She's starting to doubt the friendship with Nikiri. Those kind of thoughts make Ellie sick so she came back to sleep, still very confused. 

The End

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