Chapter no.3 – it is an adventure's beginning!

Ellie didn’t sleep very well that night. She was very disturbed, because of the strange map. She thought to herself: what is shantol's treasure? Who made that map? Maybe it's just a game, maybe MS. Monger's parents made that map to play with MS. Monger? Ellie was very confused.

 She woke up the next morning, still very confused. She didn’t know what to do with herself: does she need to throw the map away and forget about the whole thing? Or maybe she needs to follow the map directions and find shantol's treasure?

On her way to school, she saw her friend Nikiri. Nikiri said to her: "hi Ellie, how are you? What did you did yesterday?"

Ellie said to her in a suspicious voice: "I'm fine. I looked at MS. Monger's family photos". She sounds very suspicious because she didn’t know if she can trust Nikiri about the map thing.

Nikiri said to her: Ellie, what is the big deal? Are you still mad because I didn’t walk with you to the mall yesterday?"

Ellie said quietly:" we will talk after school. Meet me near the Fountain at shantol's central park.

They waved each other goodbye, while they were walking to their classes.

When the bell ringed, Nikiri rushed to shantol's central park. When she reached there, she saw Ellie near the Fountain.

She said to Ellie: "hi Ellie, what did you wanted to tell me?"

Ellie said to Nikiri:" before I'll start to talk, I want to know that you count on me, and you'll believe everything I'll say. And most important, I want you to be quiet about this deal".

"Don’t worry Ellie, you can count on me!" said Nikiri with a big smile.

"Ok, so let's sit down" Said Ellie.

  Ellie and Nikiri sat down on the bench.

Ellie said:" remember that you couldn’t hang out with me to the mall yesterday?"

"Yes, and by the way I'm so sorry… I promise we will do this next week" said Nikiri.

"It's all right. It's actually lucky that we didn’t hang out at the mall yesterday, because I might found the way to shantol's treasure!" said Ellie.

"What?  What are you taking about?" said Nikiri.

"Yesterday I was in my basement, I hate it there! It is so dirty and dark… any way, I started to look at MS. Monger's family photos…" 

The End

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