Chapter no.2-how did everything started

"Uhh, I hate school", said Nikiri to Ellie in a suffering voice while they were walking back home from school.

 Nikiri is Ellie's friend, from the other class.

"The math teacher gave me a lot of homework, I don’t know if I can hang out with you today, Ellie", Said Nikiri sadly.

"Honestly?  I really wanted to go to the mall today..." Said Ellie.

"Sorry, I guess we will have to do this next week…" Nikiri apologized.

"That’s fine, I can wait…" said Ellie.

"I promise I'll Make it up to you, have a nice day!" said Nikiri while she was walking towards her home.

Later that day, when Ellie was home, she was very bored and had nothing to do.

She asked MS. Monger: "can I look at your family photos?"

MS. Monger answered in a happy voice:" of course you can! The photos are in the small box at the basement. I'm glad to hear that you find my family roots interesting".

Ellie walked down the stairs to the basement. She doesn’t like to be there a lot, because it is very dark. Actually, she doesn’t find MS. Monger roots very interesting, but she had nothing better to do.

There wasn't any light in the basement. Except one Lamp that doesn’t light the entire basement.

Ellie found the small box, but she was on the top of the cupboard. The cupboard was very big and tall, so she stood up on the chair, and grabbed the small box.

She opened the box. She saw many pictures of MS. Monger's family relative . She clearly recognized MS. Monger's parents.

She doesn't like MS. Monger parents that much.

She found them very snob and boring. They always tell her: "stop eating that much food, you'll be fat" and many kinds of insulting notes.

She saw many pictures. It was very boring so she closed the box.

One moment before she returned the box to her place, she saw a piece of paper at the spot that she took the box.

She took the paper. The paper turned out to be a map.

At the top of the map it was written in big letters: "the way to shantol's treasure".

"Since when does Shantol have a treasure?" Ellie thought to her self.

She put the map in her pocket and walked up from the basement.

The End

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