"the secret treasure"

the secret treasure is an adven ture book, who teen agers and kids can read. the book is written in easy words, it is easy to read.

Ellie is a teenager who lives in a little island next to Thailand, named Shantol.

She is an average girl: she isn't very tall, but not short.

She isn't very skinny, but not that fat.

She isn't the class Quinn, but not an unwanted girl.

She is a completely average girl.

Except the fact that she's adopted.

Mr. and Ms. Monger adopted her when she was 3 years.

Ellie love Mr. and Ms. Monger, she treated them like they were her real parents.      

Originally, Ellie was born in India, but Mr. and Ms. Monger lives in Shantol, and they were the only people who wanted her. But after all,   Ellie loves Shantol. She found this island very beautiful and magical.

She likes the fact that most of the people don’t know Shantol.

Ellie always thought that this island is special, maybe too special.

The End

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