The secret to the key to heavenMature

Susan Daniells has always had a sense to when danger is around but now she cant turn it off. there is danger everywere.
In chains with no idea where she is 17 year old Susan has to decide weather to keep the secret to heaven or to give it up and facean internaty of hell.
Once you have made a Promise to a god you haveto live with the consequences or die in agony. Which will usan Chose?

Susan has alway had a sixth sense of when danger is near. Sh always avoided places where that sense was strongest. Up utill the day we the gods came to her.


"Susan Daniells" They had said to her " Yu have been chosen t be thehuman wo has to keep the secret of the heavens. The gateway to get nto heaven"

"But.." Susans coplaint had went unnoticed. They had told her where the entrence is they also told her of the consequences...

"Youre life will be one of danger but if you ever tell anyone his secret you wil spend an eternitydown in hell."


Susan opened her eyes with a gasp a the pain shot through her once again distracting her from her memorys.

"Whee is the gate? Tell us and we will let you go" It was the large bald man who had, once long ago before the pain, introduced himself as Bill Hill. Susan decided to yet again not say a word. She just hung there, in the middle of a cold dark cellar, half a meter of the ground, in stony silence.

"You asked for it" Bill told her then he nodded to another man, who Susan had decided to call electro jack, he moved in with the elctric rod and deliberatly placed it on Susans neck.

In turn Susan winced and tried to gert ay from the pain but electro jack moved with.

How did this happen? Susan thought. Her mind answered her with a memory. 

The End

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